How to install a Favicon on your website

A favicon is the little icon that appears on the left of the domain on your browser window. All well known websites have one and here are four quick and easy steps to ensure you can have one too. You can see Dreamstime has a little green swirl.

1. Make an image that is 16 pixels by 16 pixels exactly.

2. Save it as or rename it favicon.ico.

3. Upload it to your server in the same directory as your main index page.

4. Edit the code of your index page, somewhere between the and tags, insert the line , and remember to put your own domain name in.

Done! you may have to refresh or clear your cache and then your little icon will appera next to your domain. It will also be saved whenever someone bookmarks your site.

I assume the name 'favicon' come from putting 'favorite' and icon together. Some other names for the favicon include; website icon, shortcut icon, url icon, or bookmark icon.

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Photo credits: Perry Toone.

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Cheers for this, doing a website at the moment Bridging Loan and you've saved me alot of time.

Keep up the good work


well there are many websites which can convert your images to icon, just upload the image and the site will convert it to favicon then upload. Here are few sites I use, sorry i just dragged from my firefox to here hence no direct link. I use this for all my

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