How to make a boring paper texture look great (Part 1)

Burnt Edges Parchment

This is a tutorial as some have as for tips on how I make my stocks digitally. So I decided to start with explaining how I do my parchment papers. First part is about making torn edges

As I can't post images to explain every step of the process I'll just do my best to walk you through tools and filters in Photoshop. Please note this requires a minimum knowledge of photoshop and what the main tools do

You can start by applying your paper texture to a blank file. Leave a little space as margins. Do whatever adjustments you think are necessary in terms of color, contrast and so on before proceeding to the next step.

You have several ways of achieving the torn edges look (cropping with pen tool or erasing unnecesary part with a hard brush eraser tool) but I personally prefer doing this the easy way. I simply use a torn edge brush for the eraser tool. I'd link you to some but I'm not sure if that is allowed in here :) The web is full with sites offering free brushsets or if you'd have to pay for one I tell you it's a good investment ;P

Just make sure the eraser or brush is not opaque. If it is you'll have to click 2-3 times so it erases the full part you want deleted.

Another tip: Don't uppersize the brush. It'll leave you pixeled corners. Just be patient and do it by bits if necessary

I hope this will help you guys ^^

I'll be adding the page curl and turned corner these days aswell :)

Photo credits: Frozenstar.
  • Frozenstar

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February 06, 2008

nice... think there is one little typo though... "just make sure the eraser or bush is opaque"... I think that is what was intended for this lesson or otherwise its transparent and you just remove a percentage of the texture each click ;-)


January 19, 2008

THANK YOU!!!!! I will try!!!