How to make a boring paper texture look great (Part 2)

If you missed the utorial series Part 1, Torn Edges, visit my blogs page and you'll find it there.

This next step is really easy and it work just fine on any kind of paper texture ;P

Part 2 is about making a page corner turned. As mentioned in the 1st part this requires a minimum knowledge of Photoshop's basic tools.

Open the parchment and place it onto a blank file. Leave a little space for margins. Select a triangle area from the corner you want turned, whichever size works best for you. Copy the selection and paste it onto a new layer. Flip it vertically and horizontally if you need to. If necessary move the selection so its corners reach the paper margins. Now erase the part of the parchment visible on the original layer at the top.

Make the upper edge of the parchment just a slight bit rounder. You can select that win the pen tool and hit delete.

Last step is adding a shadow of it on the parchment. You can do that by using layer styler/drop shadow onto the corner selection or you can simply apply a low opacity burn tool to it. Whichever works best for you

I hope you find this useful and if you do make anything following my tutorial please show me ^^

Part 3 - page curl will be added tomorrow if I have the time

Photo credits: Frozenstar.


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January 19, 2008


THANK YOU!!!!! I will try!!!

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