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Sorry it took so long to start on the third and final part of the paper tutorial but I had exams these days and wasn't on much.

So this part is just a tiny bit more complicated than the other two.

Open your parchment and copy/paste it onto a new blank file, leave some solid margins about 25% of the parchment on both sides so you can edit it freely. Then you can crop it.

Select the bottom part of the page and copy/paste it onto a new layer. Move it to the right (or left).

Flip it vertically, rotate it just a lil bit and then use the spherize filter (filters>distort>spherize). Make sure your image is selected on the layer (you can do that by clicking ctrl+layer selecting on the column in the bottom right side of the screen) or it'll spherize it to your whole document.

Then take the pen tool or whatever other cutting option you prefer and make the left and right margins rounder. It's starting to come off like a real parchment, doesn't it?

Now just add the shadows with the burn tool and voila.

For the back side curl copy/paste what you just did on a new layer and put it behind the actual parchment layer. Flip it to the appropriate side for your parchment and use a round soft eraser brush for the upper part of the actual paper to make the two blend nicely.

I hope this helps anyone. And as I forgot to mention earlier this is done with Photoshop. I use 7 but it should work on all versions.

Photo credits: Frozenstar.


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January 19, 2008


Ahhh I love this! THANK YOU!!!!! I will try!!!

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