How to make an ideal photo shoot for a little princess

I once wanted to do a photo shoot for my precious daughter Alice.

Little girl portrait with with a bouquet of daisies

I really wanted to find the perfect place for an atmospheric photo shoot which is:

- located not so far from our house;

- not crowded;

- not expensive.

So it was not easy but having considered several options, I found a suitable one.

Little girl portrait back to camera with with a bouquet of daisies

I was lucky to find a lovely garden in the city center with a moderate entrance fee. This garden is part of estate in which lived the Pavlov`s family. Now it`s museum.

In this estate was born and grew up the great Russian scientist Nobel prize winner academician Pavlov. The garden on the estate is old and well maintained. Both the house and the garden in the estate are built in the nineteenth century . Both are belonged to the same family for a long time and then became a Museum so both were perfectly preserved.

Little girl blows bubbles in the garden

The keepers of the Museum complex love this place, treat it carefully and do everything to keep the cozy atmosphere of the family nest. Therefore, the house and garden look cozy and has no a touch of Museum primness.

All this helps to create the necessary atmosphere in the shot.Also, the creation of a certain atmosphere help accessories.Of course, you should to think in advance what the items you want to use and their number.In this case, I have limited myself to only three items: bouquet of flowers soap bubble and balloons.

Little girl with colored balloons running down the path in the garden

I think that's enough for a photo shoot with a three-year-old child if you of course don’t have the whole team of assistants. Have a good luck to find yourperfect location.

Photo credits: Olgabugrovskaya.

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August 25, 2018


She is so pretty!

August 13, 2018


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August 03, 2018


Your picture is super.Thanks.

July 31, 2018


You pictures are amazing.

July 31, 2018


Children can make any location magical!!! Great shots.

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