How to make model assessment better

There would be a great feature to have in DT management area - seeing total earnings per model. For example, we have "Photos with this model", and we could have also "Earnings with this model". Looks like a great tool to analyse which of your models are most valuable and wanted. Though, it wouldn't be accurate, as it's aften more than one model on your images, but it's representative anyway. What do you think, friends?

Photo credits: Rosipro.

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2Rosedarc: quite tricky thing to do putting every single image to lightbox, especially when you have, say, 200 pics or even more. There has to be more sophisticated tool. Still, it*s good to know how the lightbox can work, thanks!


If you create a lightbox with all the images related to your model, you'll see the earnings with that person. You just have to make sure you update it with all the relevant photos.


I think it's a great idea, you should suggest it to the admins :)


Great idea. let's see what DT thinks.


This is a great idea, and as Homydesign suggests one could make the models also partners. They should not ask payment at the end of the photo session. They could become partners in the whole deal. Why should only the photographer take the risk and pay upfront?


Homydesign, deffinatelly, models would be happy with such option as well!


That would be great! and also a way to credit (via paypal) a % determined by the contributor to a model e-mail. That way the model would receive royalties according to their photos selling performance as well...

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