How to make money with DT-2

First of all: thanks to everyone have given a contribute to my first blog article.

I'm trying to write something useful and seeing my article listed at the first place of Dt Useful articles is really a great goal for me.

But now let's talk about "How to make money with DT". I know that having thousands of amazing images in your portfolio is a good thing for making money on DT. But I'm trying to give some more suggestions, thinking that all of you are working hard to make such a gorgeus portfolio.

2 - Be a lively and active part of the community

The web is a great community. If you have a web site, you may know that you're perfecly alone if you don't have web partners, links to your site, people who speaks about your work, in two words WEB FRIENDS.

Dont' be an alone artist closed in your little box. Go outside and share your feelings.

The Web is an GIGANTIC community. First of all you must have a very good product to sell (you know, the gorgeus thousands-images portfolio). And a lot of "friends" who can give you visibility with their links to your web site.

Dt is a big site, and it works like any web community.

So begin to explore all the DT opportunities. I know you can sell images. And then? Navigate the site.

- Read the message boards, and send messages. Give suggestions, and ask suggestions. Make friends. Don't send pointless messages, bad advertising for you and disappoiting loss of time for the others. Write your personal point of view.

- Be a part of the referral program. Talk about DT and try to promote the site, this is really a good suggestion. I'm thinking to write an article just about this.

- Make good, interesting collections with a lot of images from all the photographers and illustrators you like.

- Share your knowledge in blog articles full of intersting tips. There's a lot of "my xxx image online" blog articles. Interesting but... what about talking REALLY about you? You can talk about your best sellers or your xxx image online, but sharing honestly your skills. Why that is your best seller? How you could make such a beautiful image? What's the concept? Tell something deeper to your readers and DT site will be a better site. And you will have a lot of views to your images and some downloads more... ;)

- Put some of your images in the free section. A lot of people go there before thinking about buying an image. This is a good way to show your portfolio. Perhaps if they saw something amazing made by you they would be invited to view -and buy - your pictures.

- Remember that each pointless contribute to OUR site makes it heavy and useless. So don't waste your time in doing such kind of stupid things.

And now that you have read this article, please, write a useful comment. Maybe you know some great way of being a part of the community that I have forgot.

Please share it with us. :)


Photo credits: Elisa Moriconi, Flavia85, Isabella Castagno, Roberto Pirola.

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March 18, 2015


Ciao :D great !

December 16, 2011


Great advice thanks :))

December 17, 2008


Great words i have a few pictures here and have been thinking about feeling my way around the site more, where to start...

December 10, 2008


Hey, i agree with this blog, very true! I want to share more the tips i have leant through DT, i dont have a massive portfolio, but i sure have learnt so much by being an active part of this online community!

November 24, 2008


Thanks very much! I'm new in DT and I've read Your tips with interest!

November 20, 2008


thanks very much, very useful tips :-)

November 20, 2008


Nice tips, Carla. Thank you!

November 19, 2008


Yes, I also believe that it is just so .. however I understand that's important, in addition to creating images themselves known throughout the web, and then "advertising" of themselves ... but within the team DT, perhaps you already done this, perhaps pointing to certain customers rather than some other illustrators, as would any agency?
it is also the interesting question referal program .. but if one does not have its own web site?

November 19, 2008


Papepi: you questions are really difficult. I can only answer saying about my own experience. I NEED to follow my inspiration when I create illustrations. Someone tells that Christmas is a saturated concept. But I love illustrating Christmas! So I making a lot of xmas illustrations... I tried in the past to follow the market, but I'm not able to do it!

November 19, 2008


Cara Carla, you are right that communicate with others with the web broadens your contacts ... clearly we want the right spaces. However what concerns me, I pictures made classical and less classical and I think that also sell those that never would have believed .. now the question is what requires this type of market? is the single illustrator who creates the market or must adapt to the market? The market is saturated with some pictures? (I must say that write their own concepts in English for those who do not speak to him is not simple, even if you use the translator)

November 19, 2008


Excellent suggestions!

November 19, 2008


You rock man, I totaly agree with you, now im spending everyday one hour with DT,

November 18, 2008


Hi Carla, useful article as usual, thanks ! :))

November 18, 2008



Thank you for posting this, I am new here and have only 30 photos in my portfolio as of this morning.

I have been doing a lot of looking and reading around DT. There's lots to learn.

I will take your advice and try to put it to practice.

Here's to seeing you arond the web!


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