How To Make Pocket Money From Your Pocket Phone! Dreamstime Tutorial!

Money is tight and people all over the world are struggling to pay their bills... They look for solutions and type in various phrases on google like "how to make money from home" to see how they can make some cash to relieve some of the pain... Most turn up to be scams sadly.. not all but most... But rest assured there is proven methods to making money online and even better yet on your phone!

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Today I am talking to everyone about a microstock website called Dreamstime... first let me explain what microstock is in a nutshell... microstock is online agency's that people upload their images to where buyers can license those images for their blog, magazine, website, etc... while you still get to keep the copyright to your images unless you choose to sell it... which means a lot more money! Dreamstime is one of those microstock websites and the only one i contribute to because I was so satisfied with my earnings I choose to apply to be an exclusive contributor through them and got accepted... Being exclusive through Dreamstime or any other microstock agency pretty much means your agreeing to be loyal to them buy just uploading your images to their site and not any other microstock sites and usually means you get extra money per download of any image.

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Dreamstime is like money in the bank for its contributors... when you have time upload images that you take during your everyday lives and even better your vacation travel photos which command a premium commercial value and let your portfolio build up in time giving you more odds to sell. The same images on Dreamstime can sell over and over again... meaning if you have say 100 images online and each one has had 5 downloads that means you have had 50 sales!


Dreamstime has two options for uploading your images... one is uploading them online to their website and the other being my favorite is on their Dreamstime contributor app for your smart phone. Once you have uploaded your images it's going to ask if its a illustration you created or a photo... select which one it is and give it a good search able title and description like how you think a buyer would type in on a search bar... then its going to also want to know if the image is a commercial image or an editorial image... commercial means it can be sold and put on almost anything... while editorial photos are mostly for when you have pictures that show people in them or shows a company's logo... There is loads of info online about the differences if you want to look more into it. Lastly they will ask you for at least 80 keywords... I don't advice to use all 80 because it can bury you deep in the search algorithm but also don't recommend using their minimum which is 10... I suggest going between 20-30 keywords and have a healthy medium. Now keywords is the words that describe your image and it helps with the searches because when buyers type in the words that you also used as the keywords your odds of your image being found is greater! Once you completed all the meta data stuff click submit and your image will be reviewed by Dreamstime and if they get accepted they will be online and ready to be purchased when a buyer finds it!

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There are many different types of microstock contributors out their in the world and the luxury they all have is they have the choice of how much they contribute to microstock websites... Some are even full time contributors and make a living doing it! The last word of advice I would like to share about joining Dreamstime or any microstock website for that matter is to be patient with it and upload gradually so you don't get burned out or discouraged... sales sometimes happen very quick and sometimes they take awhile so building gradually is the healthy medium to at least start out with in my opinion but their is people who are fine going hardcore at it so ultimately the choice is yours!

Photo credits: Gluestick.

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you are right brother...dreamstimes helps a lot ...

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