How to make a simple "home made" studio

I will tell you how I made my "home made" studio which cost me not more than a few euros. This is not a professional studio but you can make good enough shots that sell.

I have a 3×3 meters of space (it's studio for small objects). I just hang some white, clean sheets to be as walls and put a table in the middle. Then I put large pieces of white paper over table and wall behind it in the way so it doesn't have visible sharp corners. I also blanketed the ceiling with white paper so I can reflect the light from it. This is it. You can make a studio like that in an hour or less. It's not a professional studio but I think it will work for beginners.

These are some of the pictures that I shot in that studio and did sell:

Photo credits: Matijakeber.

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July 15, 2011


Good idea, I will try it, thanks!

July 11, 2011


Nice tip, I have seem some pretty impressive home studios.

July 08, 2011


Thanks very much for sharing!

July 06, 2011


Nice idea, congratulations!

July 06, 2011


Great results for such a simple set up!

July 06, 2011


Simple idea...... extraordinary results.
Good one.

July 06, 2011


Interesting information.

July 06, 2011


Good idea and great job!!!

July 05, 2011


Great, thanks for sharing...

July 05, 2011


Good idea.
Lighting does not need to be expensive either, anything that lights up can be used, but best not to mix the types as colour differences will show.

July 05, 2011


Good ideas on a budget, thanks

July 05, 2011


Great shots and great tips!
Thank you for sharing!

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