How to make your images more attractive for the buyers!

I bet you all have those amazing sky images that will never got accepted in the stock agencies because of the very well covered subject in their database. Well, here’s how to use them and make your other images more attractive for the buyers just in 4 steps.

1.Open both the original image and the image of the wanted sky.

2.Copy and paste the sky image over the original one.

3.If the sky is too dark or light for the image, use a tool like the Curves tool to lighten it so it blends in better with the target image.

4.Now all you have to do is to remove the sky from over the people, buildings, trees, camels, etc. With the sky layer selected, click the Add a Layer Mask icon at the foot of the Layer palette. Paint on the mask in black to reveal the original image underneath.

© Rolmat
© Rolmat

To look more attractive, don’t forget to remove the unwanted objects like: people, ships, buoys … It’s definitely looking better and if I were a buyer, I would prefer the second image for my project.

You could also do a search for video tutorials, here are some links that could help you: Link 1 and link 2

If you wonder why I chose these 2 images of Rui, well, I have chosen two images, proven to be best sellers with very simple editing steps without losing their sales potential and concept.

Hope it was useful! Start searching for your forgotten somewhere in the hard disc sky images!

Photo credits: Rui Matos.

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December 01, 2012


Благодаря за съвета. Много ми помага.

October 29, 2010


great one and agree on it! :)

October 27, 2010


Thanks you for the tip ;)

September 23, 2010


Thanks for the tip, its very helpful!

September 15, 2010


Thanks for the tip. I will note the following for my photos.

September 15, 2010


Is a very interesting article, thanks for publishing it!

September 12, 2010


Thank you very much for the info, Dessie, I find it very helpful! =)

September 10, 2010


useful tip,thanks!!!!

August 28, 2010


Great blog Dessie, you should write more! Excellent image choice too :)

August 28, 2010


CPL filter is the best thing I've bought lately. Never seen such deep blue skies! Thanks for the tip, Hugo!

August 28, 2010


I'd just like to add that wherever you are and you see a great cloudscape, you should photograph it, included a little horizon. Not for stock but as a set you can use to replace dull skies over otherwise great landscapes and subjects. Having a (large) number of cloudscapes/skies ready on your disk comes in very handy. Use a polarizing filter to make the contrasts more dramatic since artificial skies with a PS gradient will always have banding. This is especially true for cloudless skies.

August 28, 2010


Thank you, my friends!

August 28, 2010


I hadn't commented yeT :S

very useful article, in fact I use this technique in some pics with a dull sky :)

August 28, 2010


Very useful, Dessi! and nice images.

August 28, 2010


Dessie's back :)

August 28, 2010


Great tip! Thanks! :)

August 28, 2010


Great blog Dessie and nice photos Rui:)

August 28, 2010


Thanks for sharing!

August 28, 2010


Maigi, Jitka, I feel great I was useful for stars like you both! :)

August 28, 2010


Well-written and very useful! I fully agree - sky can make a big difference and removing "disturbing" elements is a hard job, but really, really useful. The links are also great! Excellent blog!

August 28, 2010


Great Desi! You should write more blogs! :) Useful tips. I have to go and revise my photo storage. Thank you!

August 28, 2010


Thank you all!
Debbie, take the thingy sooner ;)
Maen, no camels, no fun! :)
Susan, you could also add a feet border :P
Serdar, only step 4 is that counts! And you could always find an easier way to do it, with more practice.
Rui, my pleasure! ;)

August 27, 2010


Thank you for sharing!!

August 27, 2010


Great blog Dessie,My hands are not real steady when I try to trace with my mouse.I need one of those draw thingies LOL

August 27, 2010


Very useful tip, Dessie...Thanks!

August 27, 2010


Thanks for the useful tips Dessie!
I didn't know about the importance of deleting people & leaving the camels! :P LOL

August 27, 2010


How about adding people in a lake??? LOL!

August 27, 2010



August 27, 2010


Very useful ... But dont forget , it takes alot time.

August 27, 2010


Hi Desislava
Useful articles!
Thank you for sharing

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