How to Photograph the Northern Lights

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Northern Lights are very rare in Estonia and there are very few occasions, when they are strong enought to glow in all three colors – green, red and violet. To be able to see the aurora borealis is really fashionating, but one thing is even better – phototgraphing the aurora borealis Photographing this beautiful event gives us the ability to share what we saw.

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In past year I have spent some time outdoors at the night and I have seen that if you want to photograph northern lights you can do it well with regular DSLR camera. I have written some tips and information about how to that has helped me a lot.

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You can find the full story in here:

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July 02, 2013


Thank you all for positive feedback! Many go to Norway or Finland to photograph northern lights. But when the sun is active Estonia is also good place to be :)

They say that the winter is coming ;)

And this year it will be with very good chance to photograph the northern lights. If you happen to be in Estonia in winter time, come to Saaremaa and let´s go hunting!

July 02, 2013


Thanks for sharing.
I hope one day I'll be able to photograph the Northern Lights, too...

July 02, 2013


Thanks for your informations !
 Green Northern Light 

July 02, 2013


Thanks for sharing, amazing images.

July 01, 2013


Nice the colors. :) Great info to! Thanks!

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Photo credits: Marko Palm.