How to reach Mount Huangshan?

To reach Mount Huangshan, you can either take plane or coach or train. it's very easy and fast to visit this beautiful mountain nowadays.

Huang shan, shi xin feng

Route 1: plane, fatest, most expensive

Shanghai Pudong International Airport - Huangshan Tunxi Airport, Flight No. FM9265, 1 hour

Or Beijing Capital Airport - Huangshan Tunxi Airport, Flight No. CA1551, 2 hours

Route 2: coach, depends on the condition of the bus, not so comfortable

There are a lot of coaches transport from big cities to Huangshan

Route 3: train, you can sleep on the train and reach in the next morning

Shanghai Railway Station (22:35) - Huangshan station (10:00 next day), Train No. N418.

Beijing Railway Station(11:45) - Huangshan station (07:33 next day), Train No. K45.

Photo credits: Jie Xu.
  • Xuujie
  • Singapore, Singapore

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February 29, 2008

Thanks for your imformation,as Chinese,I had never been to HS mountain.Your photos about huangshan look like fairyland.


February 20, 2008

It is a detail indication. if i have a long vacation, i will go to Huangshan.