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Flipping through faded photographs of holidays, (Kodak variety) I spotted how part of every trip for me is to 'go' to the ruins. I celebrate the past in my new destination even if it is not labelled or clear if the statues are native to the country or an import.

How much of a continent can be explained by it's ruins is something I question, as this is the past and the country is a new place. When I got to the famous old treasures of Knossos in Crete, I had picked a bad day it was closed but having a local walk me around Athens on another holiday taught me more about the country than I have ever learnt in a museum.

My old photographs, left in sticky back binders are faded, the colour has gone. These prints are from the days you took your film to chemists for them to be developed. I was sad to see the loss of me stood as a teenager beside the Acropolis with a frizzy perm but with some perspective I know it's OK to throw them away. Stock Images of famous ruins on sunny days let me enjoy bold colours and I can travel light.

Photo credits: Serban Enache, Yanik Chauvin.

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May 11, 2014


You have motivated me to do this! The colours are definitely 50 shades of orange from sun bleaching them out but you are right, when an old photo print has disappearted, that's it, gone forever! Here's to curly perms!

May 10, 2014


ahhh! don't throw them away! scan them in and restore them! maybe its because im a photographer most of my life, but I have the hardest tie throwing any photo away. I remember once trying to vacuum the floor and there was a tiny photo of one of my kids friends but i could not vacuum it up because it was a memory created. Perhaps traveling light is the best....but disks and hard drives hold all my places now. and the old photos? passed to the oldest daughter to be keeper of the memories.
ps love your blue sea and stone wall!

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