How to screw up a good photo.

In my quest to increase my acceptance ratio, sales and number of photos I have in Dreamstime I have screwed up a few good photos.

I always want that very pure white background with the perfect lighting. In doing so I thought I would learn to isolate them in photoshop.

I of course am still learning this process so there are times I had a pretty good photo and kind of screwed it up by trying to isolate it.

After a rejection I enlarged it up to 200 percent and sure enough some of the edges looked ragged and not smooth.

I need to learn when I should leave it alone and let it run on it's own merrit.

After all, in real life and in photo's it's shadows that give it a sense of depth and warmth.

And not every photo will have an object plucked from the screen to be placed elsewhere.

I am learning that first it needs to be a good photo.

And if I am messing with it I need to make sure I am making it better and not worse.

Somewhere in there is the balance I will find.

I know if your honest some people can relate to this.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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