How to search your own portfolio.......

Ok for some time now, in fact from the time I started on here I have all ways searched for my pictures by going into my online files link in the management area. As my portfolio has grown this has resulted in an issue that this feature will only return a maximum of 20 files.

So with help from Tangie I have now worked out how to search my portfolio properly using the tool that DT has in place but you may never have found/used it yourselves, I certainly have never stumbled across it.

So here it is...............

To search your on portfolio in depth simply open the tab " Dreamstime advanced search", this can be found to the right of the main search box under the "Management Area"/"Buy Credits" tab.

Can you see it? Simply click this and it opens up a few options, you need "Only from contributor:" section, simply insert here your own user name as it appears on DT then enter your keywords to search for in your port in the main search engine box....... Hey presto only your results will show up and more than 20 if there is more than 20 in your port. For me it was " cruise ship" I wanted to tidy up in my port, the old way only returned 20, this way returns 111 in my port so I can see all that I want to work on.

Last point as I just found out, remember when you have finished doing this to go back to the area where you entered your username and remove it or every search you make will only return your port or zero returns, initially making me think DT servers were down when my search results came up 0.

Hope all this makes some sense and if it does not then feel free to ask questions here :-)

happy snapping all.

P.S this will only really help the bigger portfolios but it's a good habit I guess to get into.

Photo credits: Tamara Bauer.

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Thanks Art and I hope your well, not seen as much of you around these parts of late and Tamara you are so right. This is something I found out after I posted the blog, kind of easier :-) but guess at least we all have a couple of options :-) Keep those beautiful images coming :-)


Good blog, Brett, thanks. You can also search your own images from your profile page using the regular Dreamstime search...just hit the radio button beneath the search box which says "Within Portfolio"...would that give you the same results?


Very useful. I like this kind of information.


Useful blog!!!


Thanks for sharing!


Cheers guys and girls and Brad, that's what I call a blog :-) thanks for sharing.


Useful blog, thanks for sharing Brett!!! bye, Francesca :-)


Thanks for sharing....


Take a look at this blog of mine, which includes the part about searching your own portfolio - you never know what you are missing on a site with as many features as this one :)

Tips for buyers

Point number 12 is especially useful - but for some reason I can never quite put my finger on when it works and when it doesn't...


Well they say you learn something every day, uber cool Brad :-) That makes it very easy to navigate, check revenue and edit. Thanks for sharing, hope I'm not the only who did not know how to do this :-)


I just right-click 'open in new tab', and then click the 'click here to edit' button on the tools tab. That way your search results remain, and I get right to the edit - or revenue if that is what you are going for.


Cheers Brad :-) your of course correct, another little button I had not noticed before, I need to spend more time on here :-) Still it appears you can't edit your shots though from this point, or am I missing something else? Guess this is the best way to identify shots to work on then open them from online files?


You can also go to your profile page, or any photo of yours and just use the 'search within portfolio' right under the search box. Handy because you don't have to remember to un-check it.


Thanks Edward :-)


Thanks for a truly helpful blog!

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