How to set the light when food photographing

The effect of the food taken is to make people look great appetite, even though that food is not easy to shoot, but once you have taken the most difficult food issues distribution of light, shot up on the handy. Light layout properly, it is easy to show the texture of foods, such as soft, crispy, delicate, hypertrophy, slick and so photographing

1, for the rough texture of foods such as bread and cake cut, the light should be soft and directional, so soft mask and be more cellular mask to use.

2, for vegetables and fruits, because the irregular shape and prone to projection, to use the scattered light is more common.

3, the surface covered with oil for some foods, such as cooking, good food, braised or smoked meat and poultry, cloth, light can not be too realistic, the average color of light can only ridden food, lack of aesthetics, so the cloth when light levels in the surprisingly important. Should pay particular attention to the lighting on the subject, the light should be transparent, slightly hard some of it anyway, not necessarily the light illuminated from the front or top of the food, try using the main light and a unilateral character of the Vice-light.

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4, if the film has a transmittance of food such as vegetables, thin slices, jelly, beverages. Light intensity and unique combination of flexibility should be the appropriate use of light and backlit outline of the performance of the attractions of the subject matter is critical.

5, most of the pursuit of food taken to restore the normal color, especially the shooting cold dish, western snacks, fast food for a class photo, but sometimes will use the warm light of light, such as fried foods, baked flour products, etc., golden color suggests that The food's fresh and crispy soft.

Distribution of food light, generally speaking, do not use a hard light. The main light to moderate soft not too strong to be scattered but still maintain a certain direction. As food is very strict on the texture, it should be uniform brightness, fill light to dark, and must not allow too much contrast between light and dark.

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December 20, 2010


ow you have me thinking I should take some food shots:) Thanks for the great tips. - posted by Adeliepenguin on December 20, 2010
yes. go ahead and good luck.

December 20, 2010


Now you have me thinking I should take some food shots:) Thanks for the great tips.

December 20, 2010


Thanks for sharing... Great.

December 20, 2010


Grea tips, thanks for sharing.

December 20, 2010


nice .........thank for sharing

December 20, 2010


Great tips, thank ypu for sharing.

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