How to shoot events

If you are an expert on shooting different kinds of events and you want to win $600 cash prizes, please join our new contest: How to shoot events. Are you there in the first row at sports competitions, concerts, or conferences? Or do you prefer weddings, trade shows, cultural exhibitions or behind the scenes happenings?

Moscow, Russia - October 20, 2018: Fire show through the streets of Moscow.

Event photography requires planning and attention to details, so send your practical tips for a chance to win $300, $200 and $100 prizes in cash. We would like to find out what are the best angles to shoot from, what to focus on, what to avoid, what kind of equipment is suitable for specific events, what to do so we don't bother the guests, before-after event planning, and even how to dress appropriately. It's all about not missing the big opportunity.

Before you start writing, please check our guidelines here to make sure your piece is eligible for the contest. Make sure you also add eventcontest in your articles' tags so we can spot them easily.

As mentioned before, the voters need to have a minimal experience on Dreamstime: as photographers, buyers or blog writers. One click on the Useful tool = one vote.

From now on, our contest will happen every three months so you have plenty of time to document and prepare your submissions to be outstanding. Deadline: April 30, 2019.

Start writing HERE. Good luck!

Photo credits: Vasily Gureev.

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April 11, 2019


Why do some of the bloggers ask the readers to vote useful when such action clearly violates the contest's terms and conditions?

April 11, 2019


all the very best to the bloggers who are participating :-)

April 08, 2019


I mostly do food photography, but shoot the occasional wedding or private party as well.One thing I've found very helpful, is to sit down with my clients and look at a bunch of different styles and techniques in photos I've taken at similar events. (Or, if it's a periodical, website, or blog, I put in a few hours researching the kind of shots they've bought in the past.)Getting a feel for my customer's artistic tastes and preferences really helps customize the package and make it special for them, and usually leads to a happier customers and referrals.Nobody wants a Glamour Shots wedding album, lol. ~Chef Perry

March 30, 2019


In my opinion, the atmosphere of the shooting scene is very important, and the facial expressions of the characters are the most critical.

March 16, 2019


Fisrt, you must understand deeply about the event from different aspects if you want to capture photos of every important moments and actions. Be a part of the event rather than be an observer from outside then your feelings are right and very supportive to your observation then later on your photos.Be fresh minded, use your fresh-eyes and and forget all of your pre-percetion on the events. Live with it and love it rather than just see it and take photos of it.

February 11, 2019


We have so many cultural and religious events such as t'imqat Ethiopian Epiphany here in Ethiopia.

February 11, 2019


I am new here I think good things should be captured or covered in the events. mostly smiling people but some crying cute babies ( I mean children LOL). because I never saw any.Food decoration styles, buffets, dancing, cultures, love and some anger should also be captured by the photographers. because when ever there is a marriage there is someone already who is in anger.In Pakistan and India the marriage ceremonies are so colorful. people should watch them. the bride and here makeup and also the dresses and jewelries. So the Groom and his dressing. families friends and neighbors.sounds like fun?

February 01, 2019


Thanks for the comments, but you need to create a blog post to participate in the contest. Do not post your entries here.

January 31, 2019


Dorvard, I agree!!

January 31, 2019


The most interesting thing, in my opinion, is filming a rock concert. There you can catch a lot of useful shots and just relax. Photos are doubly good if the music inspires you. Especially if there is a band where you used to be a fanate, or are you still a fan. Another plus plus is that you don’t need to put on the light during the photography - this is obvious, just choose a good shutter speed.Photo 31667718 © Dorvard - Dreamstime.comPhoto 31667707 © Dorvard - Dreamstime.comPhoto 31667707 © Dorvard - Dreamstime.comPhoto 31667707 © Dorvard - Dreamstime.comPhoto 31667707 © Dorvard -

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