How to shoot pictures of the black background?

I uploaded many pictures of the black background. But all of them be rejected. The reason for all: Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure.

I browse the existing picture, found many photos with black background. For example:

I observed the rejected photo, normal exposure. If i changed to a white background, these photos should be acceptance ratio more than 50%. For example, I've taken photos of a white background.

How to shoot pictures of the black background? What kind of black background pictures that can be accepted?

Please BuLinCiJiao. BuLinCiJiao is a Chinese proverb, it means: Do not begrudge your views, hopes to receive guidance:)

Photo credits: Angela Davis, Jinfeng Zhang, Pixelasana, Vinicius Tupinamba.

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January 20, 2010


Thank Julia161 and Weir2010 for your reply and encouragement

January 16, 2010


your pics are good white background. I didn't ever black background pictures, no skills to share with you.

January 16, 2010


Hi, I often shoot on black paper background, no problem.
But get a lot of rejections from night scenes - for incorrect explosure or noise which I can't see on my screen. Probably depends on editor's taste or on the amount of dark pictures in database.

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