How to shoot street photos

I love this genre of photography for its surprise rapidity.On the streets is always something happening no matter

how small the town is. I often break the first rule of street photography by always and everywhere carrying the camera with me and often regret it.I try to visit the maximum number of city events instead .I love to take pictures of the city holidays and festivals.

This year has been rich in events in my city.Ryazan half marathon was held for the first time.

A mother with a baby in a baby carriage runs the half marathon Ryazan Kremlin dedicated to the year of ecology in Russia

The fourth Bicycle parade was held.

Cyclists start Cycling marathon 2017 Ryazan Russia

New big school was opened.

Children students first-graders the first of September, Russia Ryazan

When you shoot on the street the main thing to catch the moment.Therefore, if you shoot events or portraits on the street click the shutter the maximum number of times that your camera allows. Don't be afraid to make bad photos you can always removed it.The second way to catch more good shots on the street is by traveling.Our family is an active traveler.This year we celebrated New Year in Moscow.One of the Central streets of Moscow turned into a big festival ground for a few days.

Flying girl trapeze artist in the sky over Moscow

A few years ago we celebrated the new year in Prague.Prague has many street musicians.Each city has its own charm.

Group portrait of string-wind Quartet Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic

One of the usefull tip is don't forget to use the reflecting surface.

GUM State Department store Moscow Russia Vetoshny Lane

Also don`t miss bright and unusual persons

Beautiful curly bright original female seller of handmade marshmallows

Another useful tip if you are shooting people don't forget to be polite and friendly not everyone likes being photographed.Arm yourself with a camera and dare to the street

Photo credits: Olgabugrovskaya.

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February 19, 2018


Great, thanks for sharing, you have amazing images.

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