how to take cloud pics?

searching for images of clouds i came across these images , i dont know how you artist , photographers capture these!

how you do it!!

i am just so curious to know please share with me


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September 03, 2007


There are several photographing techniques. If there are not ground areas...then it is very easy, you expose the most lit areas , you overexpose with one and a half aperture over the initial reading. It is polarized to increase effect, then in Photoshop it is highlightened.
If there are ground areas, then you apply the same system as for the sky.
and in addition one more or two exposures for the ground. Concatinated with layers in PS and the result is worthwhile. Good luck with your work.

September 02, 2007


Hi. Try to switch on the spot meatering and measure the light from the sun rays or places with the most light. It all depend on the weather conditions. But my way is the best one to make dramatic sunsets. You have to keep on trying to find the best way for you.
Good luck.

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