How to take good photographs of nature

In addition to character photography, in our daily photographic environment, the most common thing we shoot is landscape photography. For photographers, it's important to seize every beautiful moment. I'll share some tips about scenery and animal photography in a few points.

1. Shooting time

The most important thing in landscape photography is shooting time. Generally speaking, early morning smoke, sunrise, sunset, evening sunset and night sky are very easy to take great pictures.I recommend three shooting times.Morning,Dusk time and Night.


A morning in Hokkaido

-Morning light is generally softer and is the beginning of a wake-up day.

Dusk time

Ruocaoshan, Deer and Dusk, Nara, Japan

Sunset on Santa Monica Beach

-Dusk time is the best time to shoot. It can make the picture look orange. Even animal photography is very vivid.


Yellowstone National Park RV Camp milky way Galaxy

-In an area without light pollution, you can shoot a very beautiful galaxy at night.

Super Full Moon on Mid-Autumn Festival

-On special nights, you can also photograph the full moon.

2.Shooting angle

Not all landscapes have to be panoramic. In addition to panoramics, we can explore many interesting angles.I've taken some of the flowers I've photographed as examples.


The May flower god, pink peony flower

-Shooting the details of the flowers to express the beauty of the flowers

Reflection in water

Zomerai YoshinoïŒSakura

-It's a way of taking pictures, using mirrors to make them more interesting.

Combined environment

April`s charming purple waterfall, Wisteria

-Use the surroundings to create the main body, such as buildings, weather, etc.

3.Shooting equipment

Speaking of shooting equipment, I often use compact micro-sheets which is the Panasonic Lumix GX85, in fact, mainly depends on the use of lens focal length and aperture. Landscape photography, not just super wide angle.

16-36mm F2.8-4.0

Ultra-wide-angle photography will produce deformation around the scenery, but at the same time there will be a sense of atmospheric shock.

Autumn Grand Teton National Park

50mm F1.4

This is actually one of the most commonly used scenery shots for me. It can take good portraits of people and take scenery, no matter the distance or the quality of the photo.

The Beautiful Natural Landscape of Mauritius

70-200mm F2.8

Long focal point photography of scenery will have an unexpected effect, it will close the distance between the scenery, a strong sense of hierarchy.

Highway Scenery in Western United States

These are my personal opinions on the time, angle and equipment of taking pictures of the scenery.

Photo credits: Yun Wang.

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June 18, 2019


great images! thank you for the tips

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Very nice photo's and pacing.  Some good suggestions!

June 10, 2019


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Some very nice photos illustrating your article. Thanks for sharing! William 

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