How To Take a Lot of Pictures

Have you asked yourself this question before? If not, I think you have not been serious in stock photography. Or, I would say, you have not played hard. A lot of professionals have written about how to improve picture qualities. I have not seen any topics about how to take a lot of pictures. I think quantity is as important as quality in stock photography. You need a lot a lot of pictures to make a lot of sales! Don't forget, average sale only makes about $1. When I had hundreds of photos online, I only could make a few sales a day the most. But now I have almost five thousand pictures online, In one lucky day, I had 90 sales.

I started uploading pictures to Dreamstime in 2012. Having almost 5 thousand pictures online in less than three years is not bad. I am not satisfied with it though. I always ask myself how to take more pictures. For most people, to take more pictures means to travel to more distant lands. The reality is, like myself, most people don't get to travel often. So how am I going to take a lot of pictures around home or work? I figured out these ideas to share with you.

1. Make it a project.

No matter where and what you are taking pictures of, always consider it a big project. Try to think that is a big job for you to promote that place, and thinking that place is very beautiful. Even though it maybe not. Try to make the most out from it. Even if you are just in a mall, a neighborhood, a supermarket, etc. Even if you are just watching kids playing, people walking, etc. Here is an example. I've been shooting the Space Needle of Seattle for a few times and each time I figured out new ways.

Space Needle Seattle

Artwork at Space Needle

I have 371 pictures of clothing. All taken in stores and malls. I probably have been to the malls 15 times to take all that pictures. Each time I still have a new concept for it.

Victoria Secret store

Women dress department store

Women jean fashion store

Fashion store window christmas lights

2. Every subject works.

Don't pass out anything around you. Take the homeless man when he is not looking. Take the nice cars when you see them. Take the fire station, the school, the offices, the streets, the sidewalks, the dog, the toilet, the doctor's office, the market... Endless of opportunities! Some pictures below have made good sales that surprised me!

8 sales in a year

Elegant public bathroom

A few sales every year.

Kid's soccer match

3. Shoot the whole city!! OVER AND OVER. Since 2012, I've visited for no more than 4 big cities. Only Seattle alone, I have 1000 pictures.

Even this pic made a few sales and earned $23.

Commercial buildings in downtown Seattle

4. Shoot indoor. Don't be afraid, put the ISO as high as it needs, leave the quality to God.

Advertising for Ikea Seattle

Finally, enjoy your shootings! You don't make good money here. Make sure it makes you happy since it doesn't make you rich. Otherwise, no point to work hard on it.

Photo credits: Jackbluee.
  • Jackbluee
Whenever I hold my camera, I feel life!

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June 02, 2015

I bought a small compact camera to always carry around with me. In this way, even when I don't have my DSLR camera, I'm always ready to shoot. Quality is less (technically speaking at least) but quantity is more.


May 30, 2015

i agree your viewpoint. you are so great!


May 22, 2015

What an inspiring post. Thank you for the tips.


May 18, 2015

Excellent blog post! Really inspiring! Thanks


May 16, 2015

Beautiful blog and information!


May 14, 2015

You are very creative and have lots of good ideas. I try to travel as much as I can, but now I'm going to do what you said and use my down time to shoot around me. Thanks for the suggestions.


May 13, 2015

Great points! I have been travelling twice a year but I can say I just got 30 pics in Dreamstime..


May 12, 2015

Great blog lots of good information thank you :)


May 12, 2015

Wow! Great advice, I will try my best to take more pictures to download. Especially now that I have a new camera. The more, the better. Such good advice.


May 11, 2015

Yes. You can play the number's game, but it looks like an awful lot of work. I commend you for your dedication. It's encouraging as I have a similar sales percentage. However, I envy the photographers with a high strike rate. They get the same results with a lot fewer shots. I don't mean that as a criticism but something to aim for as well. Numbers and quality have to be the most powerful combination for success.


May 11, 2015

Great advice. Great Blog Thanks


May 06, 2015

Haha! "Just do it fast, hit and run, pick and roll" Thnx!! I think I ll go 'shopping' soon! BD
Lets have fun!


May 05, 2015

Great advice! Thanks for sharing.


May 05, 2015

Need to try ) Thank you for sharing


May 05, 2015

"Leave the quality to God." Brilliant line, I love it. Thanks for the laugh. And thanks also for the inspiration to get out there and do it.


May 04, 2015

90 sales in one day! I cant even imagine that! YOU ARE A BUSY PERSON.. I can take lots of photos.. have over 70,000 on my hard drives.. but its uploading and keywording that stops me! kudos to you for all your hard work!


May 04, 2015

Rajansingh: I use the same camera. Most malls are fine with picture taking in the US and Canada. Just don't shoot in front of the staffs.

Letuve: Just do it fast, hit and run, pick and roll, stay calm!


May 04, 2015

Yeah! Nice post! But how do you get all those photos in malls and shops? Once I asked if I could take some photos in a petrol station and the lady looked scared as if I wanted to rob her! Any advice?


May 04, 2015

I'm so inspired by your post. I have always felt like throwing away my not-so-great shots, and have always been doubtful of shooting anything that might have people as part of a crowd, due to lack of release forms. I'm going to Seattle this weekend. Planning to shoot the hell out of everything I see :)


May 04, 2015

You are right. Having fun is a big part of photography for me. I consider it creative cross-training.