How to Upload and Submit Images on Dreamstime

Uploading photos on may appear steep at first, but it's as easy as can be once you know how to do it!

First of all, welcome to Dreamstime, the world's greatest stock photo marketplace.

You'll be connected with the world's largest client database in the stock photos industry. Dreamstime licenses images to customers across the world, from high-end agencies to individuals looking for the perfect image for their projects.

You can be a part of our community by uploading photos at and selling them.

It's easy and intuitive, as you'll be using an advanced interface for uploading images, specially designed for photographers.

You'll enjoy easy upload and a quick review of your files. Share your work, and we'll make it available in seconds! You'll always and forever own the copyright for your images.

We've created a guide that will show step-by-step exactly how to submit and upload photos on Dreamstime.

If you are already skilled at uploading photos, however, you might want to check out the article dedicated to keywording your photos, as it is crucial to how many images you sell on Dreamstime.

Step 1: Log in to Dreamstime Or Signup for Free

If you are not already a member of Dreamstime, you can create an account for free.

Step 2: Navigate to "Upload a file" section

After login, look for the big green button in the top right part of the dashboard page.

Step 3: Upload images to your account

You have two ways of doing this, as in any modern browser interface: browse your computer or drag files over the browser window.

Note: if you have multiple files prepared for upload and it's easier for you, an alternative option is the use of FTP upload. More useful information can be found in our FAQ section - Contributor related questions.

Step 4: Enter details about uploaded images

For each upload, you can edit all image properties: title, description, category, choose relevant keywords, type of license. In this step, you can upload documents for the model release, if necessary.

A new feature that can be used by any Dreamstime contributor: using PhotoEye AI & Machine Learning - you can automatically insert relevant keywords for your photos.

While images are waiting to be edited, they are held in an unfinished state until this step is completed.

Step 5: Submit an image for review

After completing step 4, the image is sent to the Dreamstime editorial team for review. Information about each image is displayed, like estimated time remaining until the image will be reviewed, the status of the review, ID and license type, date of submission.

Step 6: Congratulations! Your image was approved.

Beautiful happy woman at celebration party with confetti falling everywhere on her. Birthday or New Year eve celebrating concept

Photo credits: Poike2017.

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May 31, 2020


whenever i want to submit i get this message : Please include sentences for description, instead of keywords. This will improve your sales. any solution

June 27, 2019


How can i submit multiple files at the same time? One by one making 700 images is very long time....

December 12, 2014


Thanks. But the button "Management Area" had been replaced by "Contributors area" :)

November 17, 2014


Desperately need to capability to set keywords, categories etc on multiple images at once, and to easily copy them around from one image to another.

February 27, 2014


as Brg1990 asked I want to know also if I have multiple files isn't there a way to edit more images at once and then submit. I mean set categories for 10 images at once. Is like indexing feature on other stock agencies.

November 05, 2013


How can i submit multiple files at the same time? One by one making 570 images is very long time....

March 14, 2011


This is good and informative for beginers (and all went through that beginers phase once)

March 08, 2010


YAY! Thanks :)

February 13, 2010


Thanks all! I appreciate the encouragement :)

I will try and do a few more helpful pictorial tutorials for the newbies
when I have some free time :)

Cheers, Kristy :)

February 11, 2010


It's very helpfull.

February 11, 2010


A great explanation. I wish this tutorial had been available when I joined. It would have helped a lot.

February 11, 2010


great for a newbie

February 11, 2010


A very helpfull blog for new ones.

February 11, 2010


good one :)

February 11, 2010


Oh, yes, great tutorial. Good job! Bye, Rob.

February 11, 2010


Nice info for the newbies, thanks for sharing.

February 10, 2010


This is a very detail step by step guide good for newbie.

February 10, 2010


wow!! excellent!! :)

February 10, 2010


Thanks Asyan and Maigi!

I appreciate the feedback and you reading my article.


February 10, 2010


Really wow! a great and original tutorial!

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