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© Amitai

© Amitai

One of the biggest obstacles you have, when you want to develop your stock photograhpy portfolio, is model release from people you photograph.

I found a solution, it may not fit everyone, and some may see it as exposing too much personal information, but for me it was quite simple. I photograph my family. My daughter and wife, are part of my online portfolio.

First it's because I find them very photogenic and available models (after all we are living together).

The second reason is, that obtaining model releases was quite easy. All I had to do was to ask my wife's permission for both releases.

Since I am used to ask for her permission, like a good husband...

And since I am usually granted that permission, she agreed happily.

There is the question of exposing my daughter without asking her permission, but actaully deciding for her.

I can only say this. I don't find this pictures degrading or humiliating in any way. I don't think that selling her photos are by any way an abuse of her rights.

My boss at work, was startled at the thought of exposing her family members. Had she been older, I'd probably ask my daughter's permission, and when she will be old enough, I will ask if she want me to delete these photos, but for now, I think it adds to my portfolio and enrich it. And yes, I do see some income from it as well.

Photo credits: Amitai.

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November 08, 2009


When you upload a photo, you can add a model release.

November 08, 2009


How do you submit a signed model realease form?

October 19, 2009


I would love to use some of the million of images i have of my son, but my husband doesn't like the idea at all .. i somewhat agree with him .. I don't know what my son will be doing in a few years time and where the photos will be placed. I'm probably over reacting but I guess I do believe it's his choice .. if in a few years time he says yes to it .. then he'll be everywhere :) (I don't put myself up - so I guess I use the same reasoning) - needless to say - my sales ans portfolio lack in the human element department ..

October 19, 2009


i think it's a great idea, my models are my kids too :) otherwise i'll have a very poor portfolio

October 18, 2009


Lucky you, to have such an attractive family! I use my daughter too.

October 18, 2009


yeah thats a great idea. And your daughetr is very cute.

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