How to Write Product Descriptions that Stand Out – and SELL!

I am an engineer. My freshman year in college, we were required to take a course called “English for Engineers”. I know that sounds like an oxymoron (see how I worked in a big word there), because technical people tend not to be able to express complex ideas in simple, easy to understand words.

The same could be said for just about every profession or hobby. We live in a world with our own vernacular – which makes perfect sense to us, but may sound like Klingon to an outsider.

When trying to sell your particular product or service to someone outside of your area of expertise, it is important to be able to write descriptions that are clear, concise and appealing. So the next time you are trying to attract new customers through the written word, keep these simple rules in mind.

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Focus on your customer

The Marketing 101 basic rule is to know your customer – and speak to them. Why would they want to buy from you or hire you? What need do they have that only you can fulfill? Why is your product or service superior to what others are offering? These are the questions your target customer will want answered in your description and if you don’t understand their motivations, you won’t be able to answer them.

Highlight the benefits not the technical features No matter how proud you are at what you created, or how superior your features may be, a customer will not buy if they don’t see the benefit they will get from it. Instead of listing all the bells and whistles, identify the specific benefits your customer will gain from the product or service – in other words – what can you or your product do to make their life better.

Avoid excess verbiage

Avoid overuse of “fluff” words. Beautiful. Wonderful. Outstanding. Exceptional. These words don’t really mean anything. They are overused and will only dilute from the message you are trying to get across.


Make it unique to make it searchable

We are all at the mercy of search engines, and anyone familiar with SEO will tell you that the more unique your content is the higher a ranking you will get. That’s because search engines will filter out content that appears in multiple places and reward unique content with better search placement. So choose your words carefully and make it original.

Put the important stuff up front

Consumers are exposed to roughly 10,000 brand messages a day. Grabbing their attention, and keeping it, is the golden rule for product marketing. Put your most important message as the first one they see. Then make sure the rest of the text is scannable – use fonts and colors on the words and phrases that you most want the user to see. Save the details for the end when you’ve obviously piqued their interest.

Entice the senses

You’ve heard the expression that you eat first with your eyes? The truth of the matter is the more senses you can engage the more impactful your message will be. Use words that engage one or more of the senses. Add images – video – or audio where available to further engage the customer.

Testimonial Definition

Include testimonials

Including short, direct recommendations from other users in sidebar boxes or in highlighted text can make the product or service more relatable. Having that testimonial address exactly how your offering fulfilled the basic need or desire for your target customer will the most impactful.

So whether you are describing yourself, your produce, or your services; clean, concise, attractive descriptions will help drive your message – and your profits.

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