How wonder is today being a twelve 1 digits day!

We all may perhaps wonder to know as to what is the significance of today being a twelve 1 digits day i.e. of one century. On reversal, these 12 digits represent - eleventh year (2011) of a century, eleventh month (November) of a year, eleventh day (11th) a month, eleventh hour (11AM) of a day, eleventh minute (11) of an hour and eleventh second (11) of a minute. This numerological occasion happens once in 100 years. To witness the next occasion of togetherness of digit 1, one will have to wait for another 100 years till 2111. We may also remember that current calendar year (2011) has begun with four 1 digits i.e. 1.1.11. Simultaneously, the current eleventh month (November) of this year commenced with four 1 digits i.e. 1.11.11. Thus, I hope we all the members of dreamstime will enjoy on this auspicious day, remember it's importance and pledge for continuous hardwork to achieve our goals, in the years to come.

Photo credits: Gsrethees.

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November 13, 2011


Interesting thoughts but we are all working hard here.......... for ?????????????????? I won't say it. David.

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