How Would The Nikon D90 Compare to other DSLR's

I have just purchased a Nikon D90 as a replacement for my Nikon D60 and I would be very interested it what other photographers opinions of this camera are. Here are some of the key points that swayed my decision to get the D90. The Nikon F Mount which makes the camera compatible with any Nikon lens from 1959 on, the 12.3 Megapixel DX Format Sensor, EXPEED image processing, an 11 point auto focus system, 3D Color Matrix Metering II, Scene Recognition System and a 3.0 inch 920,000 Dot TFT LCD With Live View. These are just a few of the perks that come with the D90 but I would be very interested in any of your comments when doing comparisons with other camera makes. Here is one of the first pictures I took with the D90 and I hope you like and as always comments {Good Or Bad] are welcome

Photo credits: Harold W Bradley.

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I use D90 and i just love the features in it. Its best compared to Canon EOS 30 i used before. Most of the pictures in my portfolio are with D90. BTW you should try the video in HD quality, its superb.


Thanks Noonie for your advice. This weekend I'll be making my first trip back to the scene of that event with the D90 so I can document the area with images. Although I have taken hundreds of images from the same spot it has taken on a whole new meaning since that day. The province of Newfoundland in Canada is full of stories of people who were not as lucky as I was. Newfoundland is a province with spectacular rugged coastline and a beautifully diverse interior which can be a photographers dream or their worst nightmare to which I can attest. I have just started going through your portfolio and I'm very impressed. I am somewhat a newbie in the digital world of photography but if you should ever get to this province I'm sure I could show you some land and seascapes that would certainly catch your fancy. If you don't mind me asking what type of Nikon do you use?


Note to anyone wanting a new camera: don't use this method!
Note to Harold: be sure to take along a friend with a loud voice to yell out a warning! Glad you're now back in business!


i'm afraid i'm a Canon user - but good luck with your new camera - always an exciting adventure


i use D90, has a very good reputation in China market.


GOD!! I hope you are ok..! I am trying to sell my D60 but I want I guess a lot of money around 350EUR (18-55VR)!


Sorry about that my friend. The reason I bought the D90 was because not to long ago I was photographing large ocean waves that were breaking on shore near where I live in the Province of Newfoundland in Canada and while I was in the process of taking a picture of a 30 tp 35 foot wave breaking on shore I became complacent and did not pay attention to what was going on behind me. My camera and tripod as well as myself were hit from behind by a large wave and although I was knocked unconscious I only suffered cuts and scraps as well as a busted knuckle and dislocated finger but my tripod and my D60 were both destroyed and I was without a camera until I recovered enough to get out and buy the D90, but if I had to sell a D60 an it was here in Canada and the camera was in good condition I would ask at least $ 400.00 for it and maybe more according to what lens it had with it.


nop! I was asking about the D60? did you sell it? I wanna sell mine to get the D90!


If you are asking me how much I paid for the camera it also came with a 18-105mm lens and I paid a little over $ 1400.00 Canadian currency for it.


lol kind of funny..! I am thinking of buying a D90 and also have a D60, for how much you have sell it?

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