How would you do it?

How in the space of less than 1 short year, would you set about going from being in this shape to being in this one? Craig today! In this case, it took a lot of work. The doctors were after Craig to lose weight because of the trouble with his knees. Luckily, the VA hospital has a program called "MOVE" which helps overweight veterans to lose the weight. We learned to read the labels, check the portion sizes! and to get up off our lazy duffs and get moving. We chose to follow (sorta) South Beach and to ride bicycles in the mornings. We got out and rode from 6 - 9 miles a day. Just as soon as the horrid humidity dies down here in FL, we'll get back out there again.

In the space of 9 months, he dropped 70 pounds. I dropped 60 lbs of which I am quite proud. (Thankfully he doesn't have a before picture of me, but my profile picture is the after!)

Photo credits: Sandra Sims.

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August 13, 2007


Way to go Sandy and your hubbie!

August 10, 2007


A very commendable accomplishment. Congrats to you both. I bet life is much more enjoyable without that third wheel tagging along (130 lbs in total)! It is easy to gain weight after the military because they force you to exercise and when you get out you kind of rebel for a while and do nothing, then that becomes a habit and next thing you know you are carrying around a spare tire (or two). Take care, Jay

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