How are you holding up in this economy?

I was just curious how you are holding up in this tough economy? what do you do to keep motivated when your sales keep going down? Do you think your sales will go up anytime soon??? God Bless

Wishing you all a ton of luck and big commissions!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$


Photo credits: , Fritzkocher.


Your article must be written in English



What goes up must come down, I feel like we have come down as far as we can. Now it's on the way up again and i will worry about it coming down again in 30 more years. I will be retired or dead.


Motivation is just hope, Now due to recession if you have some additional money invest on photographic gears and shoot plenty of pictures and start uploading. I dont see this recession is going to last for long, so its best investment. When the market is open your portfolio will have enough images to cater to buyers.

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