Human Organs & Food!

I have received an e-mail talking about what food benefits human organs & the similarity of the look...

I thought of sharing this with you using DT photos...


Starting with the more important organ... The Heart...

A study prooved that Tomatoes benefit much the heart and both have 4 divisions and red!

Also grapes do much for the health of the heart and it's cells!


A study says that walnuts help in the growth of the brain cells!

Go nut it's healthy! :))

© Mopic


Beans help kidneys functioning!


Asparagus has 23% of Sodium and it matches the same percentage in the human bones!

© Fanfo


Avocado has much to protect from womb cancer and the strange part that this fruit takes naturaly 9 months to get fresh!


Figs they have many seeds that help a man's productivity!

Figs might be a new expression to use :P

© West1


Olives help women egg productivity!

© Lauria


Sweet Potato helps sugar balance in the blood! Exactly what the Pancreas does!

© West1


Lemon and Oranges are good for female breast health!

© Brigg


Onions look like human cells and it helps human cells to get ride of the left overs!


Please if you can help prooving these information you can post it here... I will be so thankful... I'll try to do it also!

That's it folks, hope you liked. Stay healthy ;)

Photo credits: Charlotte Erpenbeck, Sebastian Kaulitzki, Anupan Supanusorn, Alexander Mychko, Foodmaniac, Sergey Galushko, Hlphoto, Korolkovea, Norberto Mario Lauría, Lazarevael, Eti Swinford, Madartists, Mopic, Oguzaral, Antonio Esparraga Godoy, Soleg1974, Sergey Medvedev, Edward Westmacott.

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I think I must have misbehaved again I can't upload anything!!! :(((


That's if you keep behaving well till christmas so santa can bring you all those!
Ho Ho Ho
Santa :)))


I just looked back here and saw that you want to give me a treatment :))) SWEET!!!

I love chocolate and nuts, hope I can have some of those, too!


Eat more Walnuts!
Come to Portugal and I will take care of your treatment :))
Ahh and on Christmas we have many sweets that has almonds and walnuts :))


Maybe Dementia???
There's no hope for me, I take my brain supplements :((


SHusan my next blog will be about people with amnesia :P


This is becoming a medical link.
I'm having trouble chatting on so many blogs and sites!!!!
I'm headed over to the cinema to add a new word..................


Two of the many links I found about figs and men's potential and prevention from prostate cancer!
First Link
Second Link

Thanks ;)


Hello guys, I was searching for some sources to emphasize these facts about food benefits and I would like you to see what Walnuts has for our body... Fix this name OMEGA-3 fatty acid.
Click Here

Cheers ;)


Beautiful picture and very interesting argument!


Oh, I see there's an insipid chatter going on here! :))


Thanks Maczuga & Joe1971 :)

SHusan next time I think no body will go biking with out an iPOD :))

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Dessie, "insipid": lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge :))


Yes, Maen I do like to hear you jabber!! It reminds me of when I had kids around all the time :))) You should hear me when I'm on a hike or doing a fun bike ride with friends, they probably get so tired of my insipid chatter.


Very interesting !


Very interesting !


Thanks Debbie & Henrik :)


Very interesting! Excellent images!




Thanks Irisangel :))


I must confess, that I too thought this was going to be a strange blog, "Silence of the lambs" flashed through my mind, I could hear Hannibal Lecter, saying , "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a fine bottle of Chianti" So how morbid is it that I clicked on the blog????
Anyway, back to the blog, your title was, as you put it, "short and weird to pull you inside." But very interesting, I'll never look at a walnut the same way again. Good work Maen.


Thanks Titania1980.

Susan confess that you like to hear me also! ;))


You just love to hear yourself talk, Maen, that's why you blog so much! Keep it up!


OMG!! Just great!!!


Thanks everybody, happy that you liked it! The most important is to know how to stay healthy & eating healthy before thinking about remedies!

When I write a topic or a title, I try to make it short and weird to pull you inside :)) Not to have an answer from just reading the subject!
(Marketing!) So maybe this time the topic made sence after reading!

Lightart Let's concentrate about the figs as for now ;))


hehe very nice! I expected something sick when I read the title of the blog ^^ ;) :D


Hi Maen. Great article...Amazing pictures :)


Wow! I'll save the page, sure! :) Thats great!


Bravo, Maen! I save page.


HAHAHA Brilliant!!

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