Of late, there has been an increased activity of Hummingbirds in my patio garden. These birds have always captivated me, because they look so fragile, but possess brilliant, iridescent colors in plumage, not to mention the impressive wing beat.

I also read that the fastest recorded wing beat rate was about 80 per second, on a tiny (called Amethyst Woodstar) Hummingbird. Well, this makes for a challenge to photograph this bird - but I have seen some good pictures on DS and elsewhere.

I'm waiting to get my best picture so far, out of the many I have already shot, but not uploaded on DS yet. As for now, I'm starting to even identify the birds, based on some reading done online.

I also bought a bright red feeder from the pet store and fill it with nectar which brought in unexpected visits from regulars and even guests, which happen to be migratory birds.

I'm particularly attracted to a young Hummingbird, who sits on my fern for hours and guards the feeder, chases away most guests and even allows me to watch him from close. He's bold enough to hover above me when I refill the feeder and claim his food first.

When I came to know these tiny birds fly nonstop for up to 500 miles, (which takes 18-22 hours depending on the weather) I must say, I admire them all the more.

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August 26, 2007


I love birds, especially when they are in different colors and when they singing. I praise the Lord for these creations!

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