Hungary's spotlight - National Gallop different view

Some of you maybe remember to an old post by me about new traditional event of Hungary, the National Gallop on Heroes' Square, heart of Budapest. Well, this year I was able to see it from different angle and perspective - I took out a photo pass for VIP sector, not only behind scenes, but into stables, too.

It was really full with fun for me, as a non-professional! On first day (Saturday), staff was really nice and helpful when recognized my pass. I started early on that morning, around 9 a.m., as I tought I shot some subject pictures (I'm not sure if it's the correct word for..uhm, genre...hmm) about trainings and stuntmen. Most interesting parts for me on show were Lajos Kassai and his archers, and the Meszaros brothers.

Kassai is the most famous traditional on-horse warrior in Hungary. He has founded a school of arcery in Valley of horses in village Kaposmero, and recreated the discursive, nomadic Hungarian traditions and culture. He has also reconstructed the legendary reflex bow of the ancient horsemen, retaining its traditional form with the addition of mother composite materials.

The Meszaros brothers - and their father, too, who is a handsome midage man :) - are the youngest coachmen in the country and in the world as well. The youngest member of them was born in 2006 and the oldest in 1995. The four brothers - Gods, their mum should be reallly busy :D - acquired the mysteries of the carriage driving and the attachment to horses from their parents.They can ride on horses' back, and manage not only one, but 8-10 horses at the same time! Of course, the youngest boy is works with shetland ponies.

In the evening, there were a night show with same program you could see on afternoons - was quite interesting but I had no good enough equipment to take good pictures of it. On Sunday, there were races all morning - I slept at home :) - and I arrived only about 4 p.m. There were serious changes that time, photographers' and journalists' number growth dramatically and I was not unique anymore...staff was really overdroved and there were special zones where my pass was not valid anymore - but I didn't mind, I took my photos a day before! :)

On that afternoon I took my place on a tv-cam stage, just beside racetrack, so I could see the horse show and final race clearly and closely - that was the best part of the day! I used my 55-300mm lens and it worked really good - as usual. :) I had a little fear that horses would not like my big cam so close to them, but they're trained well enough to not take care of it! To summerize it, that was a good weekend to me with special moments, so it is really worth finding out my press pass!

P.S.: not all of my photos have been uploaded yet, so just check my portfolio a little bit later...but I only have now time for that article! :)

Photo credits: Aginger.

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June 27, 2010



June 24, 2010


Aginger great blog.... Nice words for every image, and very beautiful images too.

June 24, 2010


Thank you! :) I love these type of photographing - mainly because I'm not a professional press photographer, I mean it's not my job, just a hobby that bring me VIP places, I haven't got boss or deadlines... :)

June 24, 2010


Well done Aginger! You're really getting better with the editorial shots! Not forgetting you're writing... You will be a perfect reporter :D

June 24, 2010


I didn`t know that DT may be used as a reference for an accreditation :) Thanks for this tip!
Your images look great, they are like from another world! Very beautiful!

June 24, 2010


Yapp, it's true. My Editorial DT collection was a good enough reference for accreditation...

June 24, 2010


You were lucky to have such a close vantage point.

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