Hungary's spotlight - Spa in heart of Budapest

New month, new's walk leads us to most famous bath/spa of Budapest - welcome in Szechenyi Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool!

Building of bath is situated in heart of City Park, between the Great Circus and Castle of Vajdahunyad. Budapest is often called the city of spas and this yellow architectural jewel was its first thermal bath on the Pest side of Danube. Its thermal springs were discovered in 1879 - they are the deepest and warmest thermal wells in Budapest (water supply comes from 1250 m depth). At that time it was called 'Artesian Bath', and was only a temporary establishment. Until 1913, when it was converted into a permanent bath, and received its present name and most parts of its pretty yellow, neo-baroque building complex.

In 1927, beach sites, as well as public bathing departments for gentlemen and ladies were added. In 1960, another expansion added a group thermal section (for use in bathing suites), and a daytime outpatient hospital inaugurated. The year of 1999 there was a complete reconstruction of the swimming pools. Water filtering and circulation devices were added, and the fancy bath received high standard equipment and modern elements.

Outside of representative and eclectic building the ornaments and statues made by famous Hungarian artists of 20th century: Geza Maroti, Ede Telcs, Jozsef Rona, Miksa Roth. The oldest part is called Francsek-wing, that's the yellow part. :) The Czigler-annex is renovated during 2004, that's the white part of building with main hall under great cupola. Inside, after admiring the triton-kentaur statue opposite to entrance, it's worth to take a look at above us here! You can find beautiful white puttos and colorful frescos in dome about god of sun Helios (in the middle), astrological signs and bath scenes from Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

The pools are total 15 units, the following in specific:

Three larger pools: a swimming pool with 910m2 water surface; a fancy pool with water streaming, effervescent bath, and massaging water beam; and a thermal sitting pool with 38

Twelve thermal bath sections, 8 of them with 28-38

What are in water? The hot spring contains a significant amount of fluoride and metabolic acid, along with calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, sodium and sulphate - effective to cure degenerative illnesses of joints, as well as chronic and semi-acute arthritis. It is also fit for orthopaedic and post-injury treatments.

The water of the drinking well contains a substantial amount of fluoride, alkalises, and calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, chloride and sulphate.

(Source is here.)

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The Szechenyi Bath includes also a wellness centre, where trained instructors await guests with services, such as fat burning, weight- and body-toning gymnastics, and aqua aerobics. In addition, the following are available: infra sauna, Thai massage, restaurants and buffets.

Thermal pools operate throughout the whole year, so you can soak your body in the melting hot water in winter. Still peep in a cold day and you'll see some local bathing fanatics sitting around a floating chess table in the steaming water playing and chatting. The best when you can count snowflakes from steaming water :) - and the worst when you have to leave it and cold waits you outside! :)

See you soon there :)

Photo credits: Konstantin Tavrov, , Aginger, Lazarevael, Linda Morland, Vacclav.

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October 02, 2009


Hey guys!
I live here! :) Budapest is my hometown. I'm strongly encourage everybody to come for a visit. Our baths are famous thats for sure. Egerszalok also worth a visit:

Ohh! and Heviz:

etc. :)

October 02, 2009


Like this place a lot, I've been there a couple of years ago, but hope to make another visit soon)

October 01, 2009


I could sure use a trip here, my body needs the attention :0) Nice images.

October 01, 2009


A very interesting guided tour, thank you :0)

October 01, 2009


Joyful & informative as usual! I wish to visit some day! Thanks ;)

October 01, 2009


Thank you for this very interesting blog; I saw this spa in Michael Palin travelogue show, and it caught my attention. Hope I'll visit it too, some day.

Great pictures!

October 01, 2009


thanks for sharing - great pics

October 01, 2009


Some very inviting travel photos, Well done!

October 01, 2009


Very beautiful building, very enjoyable spa.
Nice shots!

October 01, 2009


Hey, sounds great! Drop me an email before tour :)

October 01, 2009


I really hope that I'll visit this place!
Beautiful photos and places!

October 01, 2009


That's your next very interesting blog! Thanks for sharing!
I plan a trip to Budapest-Vienna-Prague next year! See ya there!

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