Hunting for success

Many, many blogs I've read about THE SUCCESS on stock. Much, much true - how to catch $$$... and much, much lie - mmm, I just enjoy in creative job, $$$ is not main! Yess, it is not main if you have enough. Well, bullying wasn't my goal, I just want to share my experience in hunting for success. I've read everything what people wrote about this - something like "1000000000000 online", or "1000000000 years on DT" and everything rest with big numbers and big promises in header. And I used some advises in my job... not always, because my hand and my head are not big friends! For example, starting to work having a picture of cute kid in head I received ugly granny or lab of chemistry. Well, I tried to collect good advises from blogs and my results of its using.

1. UPLOAD!!! UPLOAD!!! UPLOAD!!! Excellent advice. This month I've got Internet connection which seems to be closer to normal in civilized countries (GPRS modem... don't laugh please my civilized broadbanded brothers and sisters in DT!!! After poor dial-up I feel like I can fly!). And I've uploaded 45 eps files at a go. Well, I've got $2 more this month and I HATE TO UPLOAD!!! ****these constant disconnects****

2. Do vary your topics! I did and... I don't know. Maybe somebody tried to catch some fresh bacteria which I loved to paint and this poor buyer just received a lot of fat women who I love to draw now...

© Mjak
© Mjak

3. Watch the best sellers and find your way to them! It sounds like "c'mon let's make plagiats", from other side you can remember something good and fresh. Well, what is popular? Backgrounds, Christmas pics...

© Mjak
I've tried and I've failed.

4. Be original!! Yes, maybe just yesterday somebody couldn't find exactly flower made of spoiled macaroni and I've missed him... but I will wait next 1000 years when one more pervert will come to watch my port. How I've found people want to see standard, typical things. Surely in good execution.

5. Promote your port on Facebook and Twitter! Well, well, and make hen to buy eggs...and promote your set of Christmas fleas to homeless dog...

6. Upload your pics on Monday, on odd dates, when the Moon is crescent...

7. Don't wash hands after first sale - you will wash out positive energy!!!

8. Put sticker with $ onto both buttons of your mouse!

9. Go to Haiti to make good voodoo to editors.

10. Keep working and don't wait for fast big money - it is the best what I ever read...

Conclusion: whatever you do - sales will go up and down, success will come and leave, and the Earth will go round...

P.S. Good luck to everybody!

Photo credits: , Mjak.

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December 02, 2010


Very good characterizations, your portfolio is very interesting, congratulations and good luck Tamara

December 01, 2010


Jajajaja, great blog! I had tried the voodoo thing and didnt help! (I am joking) Great ilustrations, i love the woman with tight jeans , it remeambers me my aunt!

December 01, 2010


Wonderful illustrations in your portfolio........... very creative David.

December 01, 2010


Upload only your best work. I have learned that in a year.

November 30, 2010


I like your blog ! Some people take themselves too seriously here. I like the easygoing attitude. There are some good advise you suggest:
3) + 4) paired are especially funny.
You gave me an idea with the spoiled macaroni. You know if you leave the macaroni long enough real flowers will grow on it.

Just a small suggestion to your picture; 12879220
It is not Sigma = mc square. It is E = mc square. But this is not something children that size are supposed to learn.
I am an engineer I can't help it.

November 30, 2010


Good picture! Good blog! Congratulations!!!

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