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Once upon a time there was a girl, whom you could meet anywhere where there was some sound of music, some action of actors, some performance of dancers, some poets declaiming their sonnets. Performing and language arts - that was her home and sanctuary. She didn't care too much about visual arts and especially about those strange guys running around with their flashing black boxes around the neck, faces shining from excitement. She never got it. What kind of fun one could have with frozen time? Life should be lived, everything should be in the motion. If you live then you move, if you don't, you are...

I'm not pretty sure, what happened 4 years ago. Maybe she just didn't felt like running any more, or maybe it was her mother who invited her join the artists camp to learn pastel painting, and she realized that freezing time on the picture at the right moment is a pretty challenging task.

Anyway, about that time she got her first camera. It was a shiny black little box with ISO 400 film roll. She filled it with memories from poppy fields, woods and beaches, with sunsets and flowers, with friends and family, with everything she could imagine.

One day when she wanted to have a peek and look into her magic box, to see if there's some more room for a little cute puppy or maybe some daisy petals, she realized her film had got stuck and light had painted it with every possible and available color, so result was the total nightmare. She realized - she needs an electronic camera where films don't stuck. That turned out her entering point into digital world.

© Dana
Without "natural loss" she filled her hard drives and CDs quite quickly with amazing moments and astonishing beauty she had started to see in the world around her. And photography class with local mentors only speed that process up.

One day she heard somebody saying: "Hey, I read somewhere there's a place in the Internet where you can store your images, so you don't need to keep them in your computer." Really? Where is such place?!?!??! There were lots of such places...

Of course it didn't took a long time to realize they are not just storehouses, but great places to learn the art of conveying messages through photography medium, to refine skills of producing technically flawless photos and admire the fellow photographers artwork. And if you are really lucky, you can meet people in the process, who like your images as much as you or your friends do, like them so much that they are willing to offer you money, so you could improve your equipment and have much more fun on the field of the art of painting with light.

Yesterday she got her 5000th download!

Great thanks to all of you, who have supported my journey here on Dreamstime with DLs, supportive words, hard work on reviewing my images and keeping this site running. :) Great to be among you!

I'm 5000 DLs old! It's time to celebrate!!! :)

© Kurhan
© Paha_l

© 3pod

© Kurhan
© Lenm

Photo credits: Konstantinos Kokkinis, , Elena Dolgova, Creativei, Daniela Spyropoulou, Elena Miro, Matt Egginton, Kornilovdream, Kurhan, Lorelyn Medina, Marilyn Barbone, Pavel Losevsky, Photoeuphoria, Pressmaster, Vinicius Tupinamba, Winterling.

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Great achievement and lovely short story. /R


Thank you, Slei!


Congratulations! Many great shots! :)


Hey, thanks!


Great blog! Congratulations to you! x


Fabulous story,congratulations,5000,thats got wow factor.
Very inspirational,.Her's to the next 5000.....


Congratulations, Maigi. An awesome achievement, but very well-deserved. I bet 10,000 won't take nearly as long!


Thanks, guys!
Susan, always happy to read your blogs and comments too! Keep up your good work too, great times are ahead.


WOW! I liked your blog article! That was a very creative way of putting it - 5000 dls old! Happy "birthday"!


What a great time you've had!! And I really enjoy talking to you. Carry on..............Keep the buyers interested, for all of us.


:) Thanks, Creativei, for your heartwarming support!


First congrats, I really enjoyed reading, I didn't read the title, just kept reading, btw are you a writer apart from a photographer, Now your achievement is an eye opener, look I didn't even see who's blog I was reading, until I saw the comment from Littledesire, really you have that magical touch in writing.
A big hug for this achievement, I know how you feel now.

Second thanks for including one of my image in this beautiful Blog, once again congrats and best wishes for future sales and uploads.


You, guys, are great. Thank you!! :)   


Gret portfolio I like it very much...and for a novice like me is a great school !!!!!


Congratulations, Maigi!!!!!!!!! Great achievement! Great blog, also!




Congratulations Maigi :)


Wonderful achievment from a wonderful artist, well done and many, many more :0)


Congratulations Maigi!!!! Wonderful portfolio and great accomplishment. Enjoy the moment for tomorrow you get to work on the next 5000. Should be a piece of cake for someone with your talent.


WOW.....5000 DLs !!!
A great achievement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


congratus ... you deserve it.


Congratulations Maigi. Your hard work and dedication inspires us all. Your achievement is well deserved.



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