I apologize!

I need to begin this article by apologizing to whom ever DT contributor(s) I did any harm through the requests I sent for self-promoting my assignment file, asking for your vote: I apologize!!

Secondly, I need to ask all of you that got my vote request these past two days to ignore it completely and not to enforce it!!

I had the surprise of receiving an e-mail from DT Support that informed me this “practice” was “strictly forbidden” though “not ill-intended”. As a consequence, I was informed that all of the votes I got for my assignment image will be deleted. I risk having my account banned if I ever continue this kind of “practice” for future assignments, which I won’t. (hopefully I don’t face the same risk by writing this article … my intentions are, as you will forward see, the best).

I meant no harm to other assignment competitors cause my request referred only to my image, living the entire decision of casting a vote to the ones I sent my request to. I never asked for a “5” instead of another vote (it was completely up to you to rate my image). I never asked or even implied not to vote images of other contributors in the assignment. I saw this, and I continue to see it, as a fair way to promote my own image and portfolio without harming in any way the chances of other contributors with the assignment or with their own sales, without having any negative impact over anyone’s portfolio but my own (a positive impact I expected).

In did not see any assignment regulation that stipulated this kind of “practice” as being forbidden, and I admit that I might have missed it, if so, I asked also DT Support, and I ask you to please forward me the link with the paragraph(s) that rules this. Also, because of this, I meant to come forward by writing this article as an informative one to future assignment contributors that might have the same or similar self-promoting ideas.

I worked very hard to get the images I intended to submit for this assignment, I managed to shot the one accepted in the final day of the assignment deadline, drive back home 600 km and upload it at the last minute with a priority request to DT editors so that it will make the deadline (for which I want to thank them). I thought it would be a good idea to try to promote it a little. It never crossed my mind to do this with the intention of decreasing or ruining the chances of the competing images, but only to increase the ones for my own without affecting the others. DT Support considered this not to be fair and I agreed not to do it again as long as they informed me about this, but I can’t agree to their decision being fair to me.

I already responded to DT Support by asking them to reconsider their decision of deleting the votes my image got so far in assignment and, more important, I informed them that whatever the outcome, I will respect their point of view and never use this technique if considered not allowed.

To those of you that already responded to my request, I thank you for the quick and enthusiastic response, and I’m sorry to have put you through this trouble for nothing.

To those of you that did not respond to my request to the time of this article, once again, I ask you not to enforce it, completely ignore it and also thanks for your good intention!

I would like to close this with a final apologize, repeatedly addressed to anyone I might have harmed with my “practice” and also to DT Support if there’s any regulation regarding this exact matter I might have missed!

Photo credits: Imaengine.

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@ALL: I intend to close the subject since it has gone much further than I expected it to. I do not consider what I did to be cheating! I do admit it might have had some indirect effect over some of the assignment contributors but if this was the situation it was not ill-intended on my part! I did not see it harmful and I continue to see it as it was intended to be: a simple request with the individual possibility of answering to it. I honestly apologize for all this mess and I can assure you (especially Sunnymars who seems to be the most affected by my action) I will not use this technique again!


I keep having this dream where I'm making a speech in front of a large audience at a nudist colony and I'm wearing clothes.

Seriously, if you want to go into therapy, there are better things to be traumatized over. :-)



@Imaengine: Now you knew the mistake you've made & it's good for all of us to know & learn! Anyway the assignment votes shouldn't be influenced whether it's written in the rules or not! At least it's how it meant to be!!!

Good luck for all the participants!


@Rosedarc: Few questions for you: what is the purpose of the few blog articles you posted on DT? Isn't it to somehow promote your images, your porfolio and your account? How is this ethical compared to users that choose not to write this kind of articles? I wrote articles about photography not only simple tags to attract attention!
The difference is I came up front with a honest simple request addressed to those willing to answer it, that you find "appalling" in a subjective manner! There's a masked way of asking for attention behind every article you wrote if we compare your promoting technique to someone who doesn't write articles!


@Achilles: I think I made it clear enough in the beginning of my article as well as in the ending that I apologize to anyone I might have brought harm with my request. By "anyone" I was referring especially to other participants in this assignment cause they might have had something to loose due to my request and secondly I was referring to other DT contributors that I might have affected in some other way.
@Rosedarc: Bad choice of words on my part: "worth voting for and not worth voting for" ... I meant exactly what you described as an independent system of rating the images.


So, this is an apologetic blog directed to the users you contacted asking for their vote. Not one for other participants in this assignment. Hmm...


Just to clarify one thing, I vote for every image in the contest just as is advised on the Assignment Page and I also use the full scale from 1 to 5: For accurate results, please vote for all images uploaded using the full range scale from 1 to 5 and come back daily to vote newly approved images during submission stage.
There is no "worth voting for and not worth voting for" in my mind; they are all worth voting for, it's just a personal matter of wether I like them or not and how I compare them to one another. Some are simply awesome, some are very nice, some are ok, some I find soso and some don't do anything for me; I use the full voting system, following my feelings, not thinking stock not stock, friend not friend.


@Sunnymars: First of all I apologized to the ones I might have affected somehow by my request! This does not mean I believe I did something wrong! Cause I didn't! If, and only if, in any way what I did affected someone (besides personal opinions expressed by "urgh") by decreasing their chances with the assignment I regret it and apologize!
Anyway, what you're doing right now, by what you wrote back to me, is to strenghten my case: your reaction to my request was what it was (and I expected that from some contributors) and as a consequence, you did not vote! You had your choice and you did choose not to answer my request! I'm sure there are others that did the same! Some others did the opposite! But everyone did what they did by their own will!!

Your example is irrelevant to say the least: there are rules (written ones) about public nudity. Don't want to transform this into a contradictory discussion! It's obvious you do not approve with what I did and I respect that ... my arguments are for a regulation that eliminates this kind of situations in which you can find yourself without even knowing you did something wrong! I can never enforce my opinion on DT Support and at the same time it's not ok to go along with their unilateral decision as long as it's interpretable both ways and not ruled!


@Rosedarc: That's my point exactly: if DT decided to enforce the rules more strictly, and not to leave it up to the interpretation of fairness in a simple promoting technique, they should make the regulation concerning this matter very clear! This way there would be no doubt about "crossing the line" and about ill-intention, and I totally agree that those who try to bend the strict rules suffer the consequences!
You also said that you never vote just one image if you consider more are worth voting for, you don't necessarily award a friend's image a "5" ... and this is my final argument: I never asked anyone to not vote any other images, to rate my own images with a "5" no matter what they though of it, and even more important, I could have never forced anyone by my request to award me with their vote! I was a simple decision on their part and the ones that gave their vote answered my request by their own will!
Thank you all for your interest in this matter and let's hope for future positive experiences!


@ Sunnymars: You miss-understood my reasons: I did not send those requests to catch up with anyone ... the voting started after the approvals in the assignment so nobody had an advantage votes wise! I simply did it as a promoting technique which was nowhere ruled as being forbidden or even unfair to other contributors (I still admit I might have missed the regulation on this but I did not find any throughout what I had read).


In the thread about the current assignment, some contributors have expressed concerns about the fairness of the assignment votes (groupies).
The previous assignment alo created quite a bit of a stir (photos / versus illustrations and again fairness of the voting system). I guess this is why DT sent you a mail and I would think that it relates to the rule mentioned by Brad.
Other people wrote similar blogs before - I don't know if they got told off for it or not. Maybe DT used to turn a blind eye but have now decided to enforce the rules more strictly because of the all the controversies or maybe they told off the other contributors too.
Personally I vote for all images in the contest based on how much I like them - I don't give a 5 just because it's the image of a friend. I also don't expect to win the contests (I always feel so humbled by some other images), I'm just happy to have some images selected and simply hope to have some Level 5 sales (not all assignment files are successful in that respect).
I hope you'll feel better about it all soon.


@Bradcalkins: that paragraph doesn't rule quite the situation I'm in. I'm looking for the regulation that stipulates it is forbidden to ask for someones vote. Thanks for your interest!

@Gmargittai: I'm not taking it that hard, but still, I want a fair ruling on this situation, especially regarding the DT Support decision of deleting all of the votes for my image without taking into consideration that I might have got some of these votes without the help of my requests (as far as i know I got 4-5 votes through this technique). If there is no specific regulation regarding this, the matter remains under discussion, DT should create ruling on it, but for the moment not take any damaging decisions about me!


One possible place is the message board rules which state that you shouldn't post when: "I just want to have people looking at my images (that is advertising and it's not fair towards the rest of the photographers)"


I have made plenty of mistakes in the past; it is good when we recognize them and "own up" to them. I was not aware of that policy either, if fact, there are many DT policies I have not become aware of until I was informed by staff members. congrads ont he acceptance of your image, well done.


Hey, don't take it so hard. Whatever you did on DT police will not come to knock on your door :)

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