I bought a new camera: the Nikon D90

This is one of the first photo's I took with my new camera and this picture is absolute not symbolic for what I did with my money!

I am very happy with the D90 and at the moment I am practicing a lot because there is much to learn about this camera.

Photo credits: Antoinettew.

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Thank you all for your kind reactions.


I'm also very tempted to make the move from my essentially obsolete D40 to the D5000 or D90, the only thing holding me back is the price. I may look at buying a used D80 instead.


Great! Happy shooting ;)


Ready to make the big jump from tiny Samsung digital..to my first "real" camera and wondering..can anyone give me some ideas on whether I should go all out with the D90 or be happy to start out with the D3000? decisions, decisions. I have sent an email to my local camera store to see if they can beat Amazon's prices and, honestly, I am just not sure if I really need all that firepower offered by the D90. On the other hand, it could be a smart move to just grab the D90 now instead of wishing I had done it a year from now? Anyone else with similar dilemma and if so, what did you do? Thanks and congrats for your purchase "Antoinettew"!!! (:


Hadn't had my D3000 very long. Have 8 photos pending. But i quess as long as it is a Nikon it's okay.
Really never tried the D90 but good luck with it.


Great camera as far as I know! Congratulations!


Congratulations!!! Great camer
a!! Enjoy =)


D90 is good choice in poloprofi. I'm a owner too and it's great ;) Enjoy take photos ;)


Very nice!! Have fun:)


Enjoy your new camera! Undoubtedly, you will take a lot of great pictures with it.


Congratulations on ur new purchase.


Congratulations, I have been using this camera for a year, and I'm very happy with it, many of my images here were taken with the D90.


Yes, this is an awesome camera. One of the best camera that the money can buy :)
A lot of photos in my portfolio are using this camera.

Best of luck.


congratulations..this is an amazing camera and I love mine!!!!


Good news :)
i use D90 too.


I have a D90 also, 15 days old! :)

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