I am a business agent and I need 1 to excel English partner.

i am japan

I don't understand English and can depend on a translation.

Because of financial crisis, we didn't employ the budget of translation.

I am an occupation agent and I have more than 350000 photographs to sell.I need a partner, edit a keyword for me, with accept a payment, my will pay him me is all 50%s of incomes.

But premise BE, show me you to sell now of very good.Decides that you entitle to cooperate with us with this.

If want to go into partnership with me, the msn please provide you.

© Ljmake
We still have a lot of thus of business picture, I can promise approve of above 90% ratio.

Photo credits: Ljmake.


Your article must be written in English

March 12, 2010


私はトランスレーターを見つけるべきであることを考える日本文化について知っている。またはDreamstimeの「Key Master」サービスを使用する。

March 12, 2010


yes, i think Jonvitalija is correct. keywords are one word to describe your picture. you can type in the japanese word and find the english word for it. example in your picture, you can type blue , sky, tree, tall, long , summer, in japanese, and then see what the translator gives you to put as keywords in english.
paying someone to do it for you is good too, but you will never learn english if you keep asking someone else to do it for you.

March 12, 2010


why don't you use Dreamstime's keywording service? They will provide the keywords for you for just 0,4$/image (you'll be refunded if the image is rejected)

March 12, 2010


Maybe A translator program will do?

March 12, 2010


Interesting... your english must be better in the future. Try www.freelancer.com, here you will not find what you need. I think. Good luck

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