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I'm sure we're all aware that the Academy Awards were held last Sunday.

What some may not be aware of, is the Dorian's were awarded the same day.

I am pleased to announce the winners for the first annual Best of Dreamstime awards.

Congratulations Bcritchley

After taking the Assignment award for Best Going Mobile

Autumn Forest Path is Awarded Best Set Design

with a record number 11 net new sales.

And the award for Best Cinematography goes to


for Sunlight Mist Trees

(okay to be fair, this was the only entry in this category -

but still a worthy winner!)

Interesting developments in the Best Make-Up and Best Costume categories. We had one double entry and a tie in both categories,

so I'll give Honorable Mentions to

Rosedarc's Family

for Best Costume

Igooana's Sexy Executive Woman with Bodypaint

for Best Make-Up

and Clearvista's Happy Elderly Rocker

for Best Costume and Best Make-Up

(so you needed that penguin suit after all!)

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to see

Wisconsinart run away with Best Special Effects

for UFO Alien Abduction on Mobile Cell Phone

And congratulations Enigmacypher

for winning Best Actor or Actress

for Worried Baby Holding Head

And now the moment we've all been waiting for,

and unlike the Oscars I won't make you sit through 4 hours of inane stuff to hear it,

The Award for Best Picture 2012 goes to

Georgeskyrillos for

Pink Water Pig

Congrats Georges, and you'll see your 5 credit purchase today.

Many thanks to all who played the game with me. I'll try to start this earlier next year to see if we can get more participants. K-

Photo credits: Brett Critchley, Clearvista, Cheryl - Annette Parker, Georges Kyrillos, Ana Maria Tanasescu, Igor Sokalski, Karen Foley, Rozenn Leard, Wisconsinart.

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March 04, 2013


Thanks Karen, that was fun :-)

March 04, 2013


On behalf of the "worried baby", I would like to thank Karen for hosting these awards and all participants for submitting images and voting. Our little actress is busy honing her method acting skills and is looking forward to future performances.

March 02, 2013


Congrats to the winners!

March 01, 2013


Ladies and Gentlmen!

I am very proud to be awarded. For me it's the first photo-award in my life and it's both pleasured and unexpected.

I also grateful to Karen for the brilliamt idea and having fun.

Thank you, Karen!

March 01, 2013


Great awards, congratulations for your idea. Next year I'll be ready to participate.

March 01, 2013


Many many thanks Karen for the fun :)

March 01, 2013


Beautiful speeches so far - and no one has been given the Jaws theme song yet ....

   Neon Flowers Background   
Georges, I picked this beauty to award the prize money to.

March 01, 2013


I lost my speech paper it seems!
I'd like to thank Karen, the prize giver and the creative mind behind this ceremony. & of course my wife for being the inspiration (& the nagger) behind my water images, thanks Eliane.

(Karen, the pink pig is not available for 5 credits so if you want, pick another winner to buy from)

March 01, 2013


Great idea!
And in Sweden we are happy for Searching for Sugar man :-)

March 01, 2013


What a fun game and idea Karen!! & that speech by Clearvista was very emotional lol :D
I just called Georges to tell him :)

March 01, 2013


Well I would just like to say thank you for this unexpected award. I knew my model was extremely talented but no way did I expect him to get any award. I am completely unprepared to give a speech as you can probably tell. I would like to thank you Karenfoleyphotography for arranging this special night, one which I will never forget. Sorry I feel quite emotional now, please pass the tissues. Thank you. Sob. I would also like to thank my parents for having me and also my very clever make up artist, who made the elderly man look younger for just one day. Sob, sorry, thank you.

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