So, I do


For my second article I'm still as uninspired as for the first article.

I've read many many articles from dreamstime's bloggers, in order to get inspired...

I've like the tutorial one, very useful.

For the French speaking I'm writing some tutorial in French at but I'm a bit lazy to translate it in English.

I have started to do it maybe one day ...

if it isn't already done...

Well, something I'm truly please to write :

thank to the one they visit my portfolio. I'm extremely pleased to see that my picture I've been seen. Truly.

Thank for the one they have made a comment or select one to be a part of collection.

Thank, thank, thank...

I appreciate that as well as winning the little money won through the 1$ sales (what is whatever so little)

At least I appreciate very much feedback which encourage me to continue to produce images

Photo credits: Sophie Martin.

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