i do not fit in here and that is okay

One wrong cherry tomato

like the rolling stones say you cant always get what you want but you will find sometimes you get what you need. i wanted to sell my pics here but all mine were rejected. not selling material that is okay God has other plans for my awesome pix they are to be enjoyed for what they are beautiful people just dont like to hear about the lord or see pix with crosses i put them in catagories as i felt my work belonged under. my eyes my photo my captions it is okay it the editors here don t like me work i do not care. i am free from this now it is a shut door i am moving on all ya all i sincerely hope you make lots of money as for me i never was one to follow the crowd i am a leader so i am the one orange tomatoe

Photo credits: Michel Mota Da Cruz.
Cheryl Gilpin
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the beauty all around us is available to all. some of us have been blessed with eyes that see beauty in the most simplest thing. i love to take pictures to show my peeps the beauty of this awesome planet through my eyes. when you love photography as i do you look at things differently than most do.

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November 24, 2009

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
Enjoy it.


November 24, 2009

I'm getting used to being stunned. :-)


November 24, 2009

I agree, you should not give up, you can learn many things about microstock - first is NEVER GIVE UP :D. Maybe God wants you to see your photos with different eyes and find your own style. Money is not everything learning is it.


November 24, 2009

It is very good to be different, Cheryl. With other words: to be an orange tomato between red tomatoes! Sounds great!


November 24, 2009

Hi Cheryl, as with the others I agree, dont give up just yet, it does take time and I am sure most of us had a hard time in the beginning - and still do - your passion for your photography can be an asset because the love and belief in what you are doing will carry you through, dont change what you love to photograph maybe just try a conceptual approach to it...Best of luck and look forward to seeing some of those images soon...


November 23, 2009

hi there! you can make it happen, try to shoot more stocky photos, post them in blog/forum! to get more comments..! cheers and good luck


November 23, 2009

Hey, Cheryl, you stay orange if it makes you happy!!! :))

I had a passion to become the family photographer so I stuck it out. Once I got it going it took lots of time and money....but it has always been in my blood so I couldn't quit. I'm not nearly where some of these talented people are but I like what I do. I take photos off the back of ski boats so I know how having the wind in your hair and the camera on your subject can be exhilarating!
I'm having a lot of rejections this month but maybe it will slow me down and make me think some things through. I don't slow down easily.
Keep enjoying life and upload if you enjoy it!! Now, get out and shoot that action!


November 23, 2009

Yes like the others said Dont give up.It took several months for me to get a few accepted also.I still have a lot of rejections.But some of the ones that made it.Makes $$$.And that day will come for you also
Hugs Debbie


November 23, 2009

Yes actually if I look back at my early pictures its a miracle any were accepted. Getting into Dreamstime has many elements of a course in photography. The rejections are the way to up your game. Even today I had two images rejected which I consider good but its not worth getting upset about. Today I also reached 200 uploads since June 2009.
Please do not give up ; I suggest you study some of the contributors work and see what sells well then try to emulate their quality if not subject.
Its very exciting to find you begin to understand what the administrators want; the next problem is to satisfy buyers. This simple image of bank collapse was my 199 th.[imgr]http://www.11786538[/imgr]

The news of recession and bank collapses gives a clue as to what the market may want. David.


November 23, 2009

I had only 1 accepted out of my 1st 35 pics. The next month I had 3 out of 12 accepted. It is a steep learning curve to start with. What I try to remember when I look back at my 1st few months, is that the images I uploaded then were taken for me or for family. The images I upload now are for microstock. The images you uploaded were for your motorcycle club? and were perfect for them. The images you upload here have to be for here. It will require a change of mindset but it will expand your way of looking at the world. Don't give up yet! Cheers Carol :0)


November 23, 2009

yeah i get what you all are saying chin up i do have another 79 i submitted and are still pending so if one or two make it i will see the difference in my own work and perhaps i will see what they are talking about i was not having a fit or anything just got stunned that the seven that were awesome shots or at least i thought they were, did not get chosen. there are similar ones on the site and i am being honest that were not as crisp and colorful as mine are, so i was suprised. i guess i am not artsy enough just love takin pix thank you everyone for your honest and kind words i really appreciate it. even though you cannot see one anothers face, i know that each of you sent your post from a loving heart wanting to help a fellow shutter bug find her way i really apprecitate and get that so have a blessed week all and may each of you make lots of money here for your pics you should be very proud indeed that your photos have been excepted here. as you all said they do know what sells and for you all to get yours online here under such grueling rules and regulatiions and to be critiqued in such a manner takes talent very very good talent and an eye you all have that and that is fantastic for you all =^)


November 23, 2009

Cheryl, well i'm a buyers plus contributor, its not easy in the beginning, you need patience, a lot of patience. And please the admins here are not biased to anybody, they know what sells and what doesn't sell, so you should take this as challenge, thats what I call life, if your image rejected there is great opportunity to learn and improve, remember failure is the first step towards success. You have to be very careful in everything, concept, keyword, title, description, composition. I have images been rejected which I thought will be my best seller, spent hours in photoshop, many people around me liked it, but it was rejected. So give it a try again, you cant run away from each challenge. You should stay and continue do what you love most. Cheer up and chill, and come back again with new concept and new image.


November 23, 2009

Don't give up. You just started a week ago. It took me several months to get my first image accepted, and look where I am now.....
It's a learning curve, and well worth it to learn.

Chin up, and I'm sure you'll do great!!!



November 23, 2009

Cheryl, don't give up. If I can get images accepted, anyone can. Keep trying and I'm sure it will pay off someday. At least you are learning more about photography.