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Am I a dumbass?

Do not get fooled by the title.

This info will not help you boost up your sales.

It will not even tell you something about your sales.

But since I started a part 1 I can't stop using this title.

Part 15 I made a mistake because I thought Portfolio Exposure (PE) did have something to do with how many people visited your Portfolio compared to your sales.

Sebcz pointed out my mistake with the following comment:

Comment by Sebcz on September 17, 2007

Portfolio exposure has nothing to do with views, it's just a number comparing your number of photos online with the user who has the most. If he has 1000 and you have 500, your PE is 50%, that's all.

As a thank here's one of his photo's

© Sebcz

Like he said it is the ratio between your own number of photo's in your portofolio and the one with the biggest number of photo's.

Do I get this wrong again? Because I can't help asking myself whats the use of this information?

Ok our PE is 13,81 % with 1403 photo's online.

This means 1403 divided by 13.81 times 100 = 10.166.66.

So the one with the biggest portfolio has 10167 photo's online?


Or like Archilles who has three times as much sales as he has photo's online and a PE of 13.41%.

The sales I get, but why would I want to know how close or far his number of online files is from the biggest contributer?

I know people with 50 photo's online with more sales then one with 5000, so what does this tell me?

Please someone call me a dumbass and explain what this tells me.

Photo credits: Sebastian Czapnik.

Your article must be written in English

October 19, 2007


Thanks Serban and Mrvent and Seb and Tangie

October 02, 2007


Your pretty clever you got me there... Your not not dumb ass my friend... Your clever as you have always been...

Picture Harmonic Balancer

September 20, 2007


Yes, I was referring to Ron, my mistyping, sorry.

September 20, 2007


Frenk, I think the link is not correct and Sebcz is not refferring to IOfoto but rather to see what a tiny letter can lead to :P He may of course correct me if I am wrong but I am assuming he is reffering to Ron Chapple. Or,..........nevermind :))

September 20, 2007


I see it as a stimulation to work harder. I have a lot of images on my computer, but it takes me forever to get them uploaded, for one reason or another. When I know someone has a lot more than I do, being competative in nature, I want to push myself more to get closer to the numbers other people have.

September 20, 2007


Yes, IOPhoto has now 10158 files online, you are correct with your maths :)
What is the use of that figure (PE)? I was asking myself the same question many times, I personally see this as a stimulation to work harder :)
Thank you for bringing my photo up!

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