I exceeded 100 uploads

I tried it a few times it without success, some pictures denied and I had given up the idea to post here. I returned on the advice of a contact who sells photos on Dreamstime and I did well. 139 Uploads and only 5 refusal, now I try to clean my best photos and apparently it works.

My biggest challenge is can not be in my photo but my writing in English, I'm French ... ;-)

The other difficulty is the keyword selection and the last is to understand what photos can real interest.

For now, one of my photos was taken, and I'm already very happy, why this one and not others, that we will have as I understand .....

Some pictures from me to finish

Macro photography

Bibio Reticulatus - Spring fly landed on the moss


Pointe du Petit Minou

View of Paris

The Louvre Palace

Well, my next article with five hundredth upload ;-)

Photo credits: Gilles Bizet.

Your article must be written in English

October 26, 2016


Thank you

October 26, 2016


Beautiful work - your dragonfly is enchanting!

October 25, 2016


Thank you all for your comments and your warm welcome

October 25, 2016


Good macro photos. Congrats and best wishes.

October 25, 2016


Great images! Congrats Gilles :-)

October 24, 2016


Beautiful work... Looking for your next article soon!! :-)

October 24, 2016


Great achievement and portfolio. Keep up Gilles and sales will come sooner than you can expect :)

October 24, 2016


COngratulations Gilles... Excellent pictures

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