I finally upgraded to a DSLR


After 4 years in DT, a porfolio of 1,561 and 2,279 pictures sold, I finally have upgraded from my Canon Powershot G9 to a Canon 550D with a 18-135 lens

I suppose this won't be a big deal for the most of you, who have been in stock with a DSLR from the beginning, but it is an important step for me :)

I have learned all I know about photography on my own: in forums, talking to experts and specially in microstock. I have learned what is the shutter speed, the diaphragm aperture, how affects the speed into the bluriness of a shot (night photos --> tripod!)...

Now this is another step for me, learn about the lens, learn how to focus, etc. With the G9 and before that, with the A700, I always shooted in manual mode, I had the focus issue rather controlled, but with this one I feel that I have a lot to learn!

If any of you own the 550D or a similar model I'm totally open to advice and tips :)


Photo credits: Brad Calkins, Jovani Carlo Gorospe, Joel Calheiros, Susan Leggett.

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congratulation :)
i am waiting for success like this :)


Congratulations Ingrid! You're a very talented photographer and I'm sure that you'll do great with your new camera :)))) PS. Sorry I'm a bit late ;)


I am Shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II and I have one advise for you which seems to be the most important for me. Read the manual and learn everything about your camera till you can control it without even looking. If you know how to set aperture, change the ISO, choose color profiles ect you will see that taking images is much easier and the amount of high quality pictures will increase:) Good luck!


Congrats and enjoy!


Congrats and wish you thousands of photos with your new camera! I have a Canon 450D and I am very content with it, I'm sure you'll be even more content with your "little" 550D :)

Funny thought: a few hours ago, while browsing the internet, I run into an ad for a compact camera and I was seriously thinking to buy one. It's easier to use when on a trip and the new models take even better pictures than some dslrs. :))


Oh, I'm late getting here but you know I APPROVE!!! Thanks for using my old camera in the blog. I love that old thing and someday may get some film for it!!


congradulations on the upgrade, i know its a great feeling to see your skills develope as well as your equipment.


Congrats for your new camera! Great PF.


Great job! I think you made a good choice for a first dslr! Hope you`ll enjoy it!


Thank you very very much for your nice words!

@Digitalvox I don't consider I have a huge talent, thanks for your words! It's true I have learned a lot since I started in photography world! I have learned all myself (non a pro, only a hobbyst)


Congratulations... enjoy :) :)




Congratulations! You are an inspiration - I am working that same race myself right now - I only own a couple of reasonably nice Canon point and shoots, and once in a while I can borrow a DSLR from a friend. Looking forward to the day when I can make the same accomplishment. Enjoy your new camera!


Ingrid you go girl.I know you can do it..Congrats and good luck.Debbie


Congratulations Ingrid and waiting for new photos:)


I very happy for you Titania1980. Your photographer story confirm that huge talent, which you obvious have, is important part of photographer success. Once again congratulation and keep going on :-)


Congratulations on your new camera.


Huge Congratulations on your new equipment!!


Thank you very much to all who have posted. I'm getting used to it, it's more dificult than G9!! Specially with the MF of the lens ;)


Congrats! It's a very good camera. You'll probably need a little time to get used to it's features and to find the best apertures to work with. But it's part of the fun!


I'm happy for you Ingrid! Waiting for your new photos... Bye, Rob.




Titania, you have such an awesome portfolio. A great example that you don't need a DSLR to do well in microstock. It does not matter with what you don't have, its what you do with what you have that does. Have fun with your new camera :)


Congratulations, you sure gave the Canon Powershot G9 a great use.


Welcome to the DSLR's world! I am still waiting to collect some $$ from my portfolio before upgrading. My target is buying my next camera with the DT sales !






Congrats! :)


Congratulations my friend! I know you will do the best with it! Just keep up the high spirit! ;)

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