i find blogging useful because..

of the free credit i get.

That very credit i got i effectively used it to purchase photos which my friend needed for her project. I need not convert any earnings yet I am still able to help out by providing the picture as needed by my friend. While I cannot create the picture she wanted, Dreamstime offered the picture at such a low price with great quality.

well, here's thanks to DT's blogging feature!~


Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

Your article must be written in English



but why? i still see sales from yours?


I think i need to buy my own pic ... haha


yep =)


haha ... so u got any credit for this blog?


i still get..but i rarely blog anymore..too lazy..now i blog to get credit so if i need pic i can buy haha


u still get credits for blogs? i thot it stopped long time ago ...


This is a very valid point. I'd like to add that blogging helps me sort out my ideas on the subjects that I'm writing about. It helps me share potentially useful information with the Dreamstime community. Plus, you get credits for it. Not much bad in this situation.

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