I found Angel wings in my Back Yard

I'm sitting here at MacDonald's using their free net , listening to 2 of their workers talk about a variety of subjects.

The one worker is telling another employee about a guy that found " Angel Wings " in his back yard.

He was looking for someone to write a book about it for him.

It would make a good part in a movie but like the conversation went, he might of been missing a couple cards out of his deck.


Photo credits: Chris Anderson.

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April 12, 2010


Nice story :-) I love already the title: "I found Angel wings in my Back Yard" :-) great... it would be a nice to developt a book from this :-) would he put the wings on or he would bring them home... :-) It would be also a nice photo - angel wings lying in corner of two old walls :-) Beautiful title for let inspiration go on :-)

April 11, 2010


hehehehehe might have been !! :) thanks for sharing

April 10, 2010


Nice story! Thanks for sharing! ;)

April 10, 2010


cute thanks for sharing

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