I Found My Boyfriend's Face on a Dating Website

I'm on a errand to buy some new jeans with some department store "play money". You know the freebie rebate your wife gives you after she's gone on a shopping spree and says "Look how much we've saved, here is thirty dollars in store X money. Go buy yourself a new pair of jeans before Weds".

The more you spend the more you save

But I digress...

I can't get out of the car because on NPR (National Public Radio) they are teasing me with an upcoming story about the weird world of stock photography.

It seems that Slate had this story...

Article from Slate on stock photos

The boyfriend

...about how someone found their boyfriend's stock photo on a dating site and all of their friends were texting them asking what's up - did they break up or what.

Cat out of the bag?

The article then goes into investigation mode and looks into the world of stock photography which the author deems is "weird". Lets just say I hope none of my future models were listening to the story on the radio because it was a bit slanted by the authors experience.

Think about it... it's all just so weird

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

Your article must be written in English

April 09, 2012


Have to talk up the fame aspect and downplay the fortune part. ;-)

April 09, 2012


Interesting. Makes me wonder who will be interested in modelling for zero payment due the possibilities on how the image can be used.

April 07, 2012


In this case the images were used in the correct manner. They had MRs, were purchased from an agency etc. A lot of the feedback to the article call the author "whiny" and self-absorbed which is true. A real model realizes that they are playing a part and can separate their individual self from the image.

April 07, 2012


It is a bit odd, but this particular issue isn't a fact of stock photography. Anyone with a photo on any social media site, blogger, etc could find their shot somewhere it shouldn't be. I tend to think that certain kinds of shots are going to be more likely to be abused that way.

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