I found my way - Photography

When I started taking photos, I never thought that I will sell any pictures for somebody. I was taking photos just for my pleasure, holding them in my hard disk and showing to my friends in social media. Time to time i was looking for new ideas, lessons, interesting information about photography and I found stock photography. I thought - why not? Now I am here and have uploaded 83 works with 4 sells. Thank you for being interested in my works. It is a big motivation for me to improve my photography and show better results for you.

I think that i found my way - it is photography. After 4 years of studying business in university I realised that I want something more creative in my life, so this year I started studying photography in college. This is my best decision probably :)

I will upload my pictures in Dreamstime to show you my progress in photography and I am expecting that you will assess my works.

Thank you!

For everyone who is interested in my works - Here is my link to DREAMSTIME PORTFOLIO

Sun halo in the sky trough the clouds

Photo credits: Mantvydas Drevinskas.

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November 05, 2015


Great portfolio! I am in pretty much the same situation, I work in Business Administration but have always loved photography. I just knew I'd regret it if I never took a chance to share them on a more professional platform rather than just social media. Good luck and congrats on your sales :)

November 05, 2015


I think, business skills plus creativity, can work together :) Combine them and you will get wonderfull result.

November 04, 2015


You will like it more and more in the course of time. Good luck!

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