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Hi there,

in less then a year I have had 176 images accepted. we wont talk about how many rejected! I decided to go exclusive with DT, but I am starting to wonder if it is such a good idea. So far.. ive had only 10 sales! in 10 months that means one sale a month. I have read blogs, made friends, posted to face book, and re done key words. can anyone give me insight on to what else I can do? It is frustrating to say the least! perhaps I am just not giving the buyer what they want! any ideas?

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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July 12, 2012


thank you mudplucker! made my day today...even! a small sale isa sale! how are things gog with you?

July 12, 2012


Hello again Inyrdreams, i just bought one of your photos for my new software program.... only a small sale because i only use 400 by 300 pixel photos but nonetheless it is a sale... thanks for the nice photo, i just don't have my own models available.

July 05, 2012


cafebeanzphoto.. love your food and chicago photos~! studio work I did for 25 years.. with film~! 90% people and no idea where they are to get copyrite releases... drat. was mostly a people wedding portrait photographer.. so... no.. time to just start over and do it right in digital. for some reason.. the studio work I have submited they have turned down! had some really funny images with chocolate easter bunnies being decapitated... sigh... no sense of humor....!

July 05, 2012


Hello Neighbor! I agree with Cammeradave, try placing studio work on your portfolio with DT. But only the best pictures .... I don't fret when I don't sell often, just know that if you are happy with your work, so will the buyers.

July 05, 2012


Maybe you could put some studio photography up too ?

July 05, 2012


Keep fight for it and never give up....Same as me 7months with 127 images with 12 sales.I try to enjoy with it and i love to work like Microstock photographer because i am free with imagination .I strated in Microstock last year on october without any skill of photography.And i will keep uploading more and more because i decide to stop with my full time job just for Microstock photographer and next to Film director .

Good Luck

July 05, 2012


regarding exclusive - I think it is important to think about: "how much time do I want to spend uploading, editing etc. ?" I also thought about the exclusivity with DT but then I said to myself - If I'm not successful here I won't be much better off anywhere else - so, I'm trying to take more stock orientated pictures now (trying;) - I reckon many photographers can use many of these very useful advises here and I thank you for asking because with your humble questions you helped many of us here.

July 05, 2012


I am getting great help from the community here and dont worry anyone... feelings are not hurt! It takes time for a photographer who has had 30 years of studio work to convert to stock- but I am determined! parkinsonsniper I think had some of the best advice... and everyone has given me some things to think about.. so thank you all!

July 05, 2012


Walking away from the microstock arena might be good for your legs..... but it will kill your mind

July 05, 2012


Everybody is very friendly and telling you what a good photographer you are, you should not stay exclusive or just have to give it time. It's nice to try and not hurt someones feelings but it does not help much. So I hope you don't take this the wrong way I'm just trying to help by being honest and your images are just not very useful for stock and most of them look like personal holiday images.

What you should do is compare your images with best sellers. Would you consider buying yours if you see what you could also buy? Lets take a look at some:

yours: 23352190

competition: 4328331

yours: 21114508
competition: 222823

yours: 21114617
competition: 7379233

Sorry if I am being to direct but being nice will not help you very much. Make a plan before you shoot and if composition is hard for you go and look at other similar images for inspiration and try to compete with that. You can upload 1000 more images of what you have now but sales will not increase if you upload more of what you are uploading now.

Good luck!

July 05, 2012


- "Wish you were here?" are you sure someone will search for this title? It is a perfect stock picture, but buyers will hardly find it. There are also "I fell down" and "a new friend" and "lets run" and "on the edge" and many others. These titles are cute and artistic but not useful in stock.
- I see a serious blue cast in your pics. Almost all of them look cool, in terms of color. Cold tones don't touch human's heart :)) stay close to warm colors, without getting out of the right white balance.
- Simplify your pics. They are a little crowded.
- Try a different point of view. Most of your pictures are taken from above and pointing downwards. (Yes I did copy paste this one :))
- Take a look at your pics and ask yourself "did I ever see such a pic in a magazine?" The answer will be the answer of "Will it sell?" :)

10 sales is not good. I didn't read the comments below, but if anyone tells you "oh honey, sales will come. just keep uploading" DON'T believe them. (Now I saw that Wisconsinart wrote the same thing as me) Your images will not bring you sales :) sorry...you have some good images and you are good at photography. The problem is getting familiar with stock. It takes some time, just because it is different from artistic photography. I had hard times but now I'm fine.

Good luck and don't leave the arena :) You already did the hard part...

July 04, 2012


My biggest sellers are editorial images. Buyers seem to like business, technology and commerce editorial images.

July 04, 2012


thank you for the responses so far! reading studying and watching all on the site... seems that key is finding the right combination...... deep heavy sigh!

July 04, 2012


Might want to look into your keywords also. Don't know what you have but if buyers can't find your images, they can't buy them. Also, there is not much room for text. You need a little more negative space, or open space if you will. Nice overall work on the ones you have though.

July 04, 2012


1st. let me make clear. I don't want to be rude or offensive. I'm trying to help you out with some lessons I've learned. I'm Dutch and we are known for being direct ( some will say unpolite and rude).

You upload to DT so the good part is that your technical skills are level with the rest of us.

when looking at your portfolio, a few things come to my mind:
- Try a different point of view. Most of your pictures are taken from above and pointing downwards.

- Leave space for copy in your pictures (better too much then too little).

- Landscape orientation does a better sell then portrait orientation

- Is DT the place your art will sell best? I've had the same problem of choice last year. I decided to be free in my choice where to upload and where not. There is a big difference in what will sell at a certain stock agent and what will not. After a year I decided to skip uploading to most agents without canceling them (you will never knoiw what the future will bring)

- Look and study other contributors. Being a copy cat might look wrong. It'll certainly give you a point to start from. Innovation follows imitation

- What do designers want? and what do they need? The answers are different but the questions look so close, Filling their needs will make a better sell.

Read a books concerning microStock. There are a few been published recently

Photograph those items wich will generate the biggest BANG
Good luck

July 04, 2012


You should read this article by Wisconsinart...
I know he has responded to you directly here in this blog, but in his article he goes into the importance or Creativity and Originality.

And somewhere else I heard it put like this; as micro stock contributors we are going to have to MAKE great images instead of thinking we an TAKE great images. So getting good at Photoshop with image manipulation and thinking more along the lines of concepts will help your sales.

You do have some wonderful images, though! And anybody that can get 176 images past the DT reviewers should feel great about their photography skills.

Best of luck in your future sales.


July 04, 2012


This question has essentially been asked many times by many Contributors. If you take all the answers given, they can be divided into two types of answers:

(1) Your photos are great! You are a talented photographer! It takes time to get established! Just keep uploading and you will see more sales!

(2) Your portfolio is full of images that do not sell well as stock. Many of your images consist of concepts that are over-saturated in the database. You need to understand what sells and how to create images that strongly communicate a concept. Study the database and understand what constitutes a successful stock image.

Can you identify which answer is the right one?

Actually, BOTH answers are right. Most prefer to hear #1 and stop there.

July 04, 2012


personally (and this is just my experience) I decided to NOT be exclusive, as I am more profit minded, and to me, that means getting my images up in front of as many pairs of eyes as I can. I am with about 8 agencies at the moment, with approx 20 to 60 images up with the sites. I got my first 3 sales last week (Yay!), 1 with DT, 1 with ********, and 1 with ********. For some, remaining exclusive with DT is worthwhile, but for me, I wanted to get more sales, as different stock agencies target different audiences. Obviously I can't tell you what is right for you, but I believe my odds of making sales is increased with multiple agencies. Good luck to you!

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