I got to thinking

Since my ankle injury has me out of action for awhile, what to do with my free time? With only a small port (2 pics). How can i keep contributing to DT without any new pics?

I've been trying my hand at the keyword program. Maybe i can improve myself by helping others. I hope no-one gets offended my my adding keywords to thier pics.

I have had some accepted - others are pending or were turned down.

If anyone knows of keywords i've missed on my 2 pics feel free to suggest some.

© Dan1


© Dan1

If by helping others we can help ourselves - why not.

Hope everybody has a good day.


Photo credits: Dan1.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks wildmac. Getting around with a cane is not fun.


Great idea Dan! Hope you get better soon :)


I want accurate keywords is very important. I always try to do better.


I think it's block so that key program where you hav to pay .40 per image is the only way. Unless i'm doing something wrong.


Why can't you add keywords to your own images?!


Is anyone else doing keywording?


Thanks guys but i just found out i can't add them myself,


For the soccer field: school, sports
For the water tower: structural. high, steel, system, pumping, pump

I hope you get better soon.


Fairly important one missing from #1 - "football". It's soccer in the USA, Australia, Ireland etc where there is a different national football game but for most countries….

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